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Please dispel a myth for me: please tell me you have heard of and shop at the San Francisco Herb Company. Presently I’m under the impression that I am one of five people who know about this little treasure, and I have such a big head about it, and it needs deflating.

Vegansaurus is both an eating and a living guide, and without SFHC you are not living as well as you could be. At this delightful store, open just 10 to 4 Monday through Saturday, you can buy all the herbs and spices your heart desires, in bulk, on the super-duper cheap.  Tell me, how can you go wrong with that? You cannot, is how!

If you’re especially smart, you’ll know that you can freeze herbs and spices to keep them fresh, so you can buy a package of cumin or cinnamon or fines herbes the size of a baby without the risk of losing it to staleness. Amazing, right? YES, YES IT IS.

SFHC carries wonderful things for baking, like arrowroot and cream of tartar; also pints of almond, vanilla, and lemon extracts for just under $11 each. I’ll give you a minute to recover from your understandable shock; who knew quality extracts could come so inexpensively? Not you, until now!

You can buy catnip, for sending your kitties on harmless and hilarious drug trips. For people who can stand this sort of thing, SFHC sells pre-mixed potpourri and ingredients for making your own blends. This is not my pleasure—potpourri being the devil’s perfume and all—but if it’s yours, this is a good place to purchase some.

As for specific recommendations, you absolutely must get some smoked paprika. I know ordinary paprika isn’t much besides pretty red powder, but smoked paprika is a  miracle spice: it makes your cooking taste meaty. What? YES. Add it to your lentils, to your tofu, to your anything you want to taste barbecue-ier and to which you want to impart a deeper and more complex flavor. Smoked paprika: spice of the now. If you need more advice, the staff of San Francisco Herb Company will definitely give you their experienced opinions.

Herbs and spices are expensive, which sucks, because without them, your cooking is bland and terrible, which tends to deter you from cooking, but eating out all the time is expensive too, so what do you do? You buy your herbs and spices from San Francisco Herb Company, saving lots of money, improving your cooking, and letting you spend that saved money in nicer, more delicious restaurants than the closest/cheapest taqueria.

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