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I know not all of you have the love for St. Francis Fountain. Maybe it’s the hipster staff (and seriously, if that’s such a serious problem for you, you probably need to move elsewhere), or the fact that they’ve always acknowledged vegans without doing much cater to them beyond the obligatory veggie sandwich and tofu scramble (to be fair, a GOOD veggie sandwich and tofu scramble—and tofu subs available in breakfast burritos). Me, I like going out for breakfast, and St. Francis Fountain is my breakfast joint of choice (I like tofu scramble, sue me), so I was SUPER-STOKED to see that they’ve finally, and significantly, upped their vegan game.

First and foremost, they’ve gotten vegan monterey jack cheese. I suspect it’s Follow Your Heart brand, which is fine by me (and you haters can shut up and try it—when it’s broiled in a commercial broiler, it’s pretty great. That pizza you made in your 350-degree oven isn’t a good comparison!). It tastes good and is nicely melted but not liquified, and now it’s in burritos, on burgers, and ON POTATOES. That’s right—St. Francis Fountain now has VEGAN HOME FRIES. If you ask real nice (or order if off the menu), they’ll give you a big pile of them covered with melted vegan cheese, salsa, guacamole, and green onions. It’s pretty much the greatest thing in the entire world (and cheap! A small plate (which I couldn’t finish) was $5.50, the large plate is $7.50), and it’s called the Vegan Thing. DELICIOUS! EAT MANY!

Second, they’ve now got three kinds of vegan pancakes. I’m not a huge pancake girl myself, so my more pancake-savvy buddy sent me a report, saying that the flapjacks are good but lack Earth Balance to go on them (ATTENTION ST. FRANCIS FOUNTAIN—GET SOME EARTH BALANCE. IT ISN’T THAT EXPENSIVE AND WILL MAKE MANY VEGANS’ DAYS). However, even with no Earth Balance (FOR NOW), vegan pancakes are still an awesome find, and it’s nice they’ve bothered to come up with a recipe and make it happen.

Third, they now have something called the Devil Burger, which is a pile ‘o fried seitan with melted vegan cheese on a burger bun with pickles, onions, tomato, and lettuce, with vegan mayo. It’s simple, but it’s FUCKING TASTY and is exactly the kind of greasy vegan diner food San Francisco has been missing. Finally! I also suspect it kills hangovers dead, though I haven’t had an opportunity to test that out yet.

In addition to all that, they have vegan huevos rancheros (now even better with the addition of vegan cheese), vegan breakfast burritos (see above, re: cheese), a vegan burger, vegan chili, several kinds of tofu scrambles (get the one with peanut sauce, mushrooms, and spinach), vegan milkshakes (pricey but rad), and good coffee.

My only complaint is that they did away with their Toasted Vegan sandwich. Sure, a grilled veggie sandwich isn’t the most original thing in the world, but SFF did it up right, and it was a damn fine sandwich. My husband is super-sad to see it go (though also pretty stoked about the devil burger, so, I guess it works out).

Go forth, vegans! Eat of the grease and drink of the coffee! Agitate for the Earth Balance!

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