New TV show stars plant-based diet advocate! Premieres tonight!  »

What Would Julienna Do? premieres tonight at 7 p.m. (EST I think) on the Veria Living channel. I’ve never heard of this woman or this television channel but YOU KNOW I love this trailer because of the hilarious dog at the end! He’s a comedic genius!

So, who will be watching tonight? Do you like this woman more than the Cooking Channel show guy?



There’s a vegan on KQED’s Check, Please! Bay Area tonight! Well, okay, she’s vegan at home and vegetarian out in the world but for TV, we’ll take it! They visit Source, one of our favorites, and featuring our own Jenny Bradley's decadent desserts!! Jenny. GIRL. You are out of control and I love it! 

This show is so funny and weird, and Leslie Sbrocco is a vision. She just seems like so much fun! I just want to grab a jug of wine and curl up on the couch with her and tell ghost stories. Or like, have her tell me about the one time she went on a date with Don Johnson. RIGHT?? You know she has stories! Seriously, if you have not treated yourself to a Check, Please! marathon on KQED’s website, you don’t care about your life at all period. 

The best part of this particular episode? Everyone loved Source! Yay! Even the omnivores flipped for it because they know what’s up. Oh, and you can even catch of glimpse of Jenny at 7:42! HEY GIRL HEY!!!


HBO cancels “Luck,” horses everywhere presumably rejoice  »

Gusmano Cesaretti/HBO

How many horses have to die before someone decides a project is a bad idea? 

Three, apparently. 

That’s how many perished during the filming of the first two seasons of Luck, a Nick Nolte/Dustin Hoffman HBO show. The show just premiered in January, but they’re working way ahead because TV is weird and crazy. The latest horse died on Tuesday, and to HBO’s credit, they decided enough was enough.

HBO says they were taking extra-good care of the horses but “accidents unfortunately happen.” PETA says “old, unfit and drugged horses were forced to race for this series.” The organization “is glad that HBO has finally decided to cancel the show.”

I pretty much adore HBO (Six Feet Under? True Blood? Heck yeah), so I’m glad they finally made a respectable choice here and I don’t have to be all conflicted inside. Fake death I’m all for. The real stuff? No good.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


What Would You Do? is taking on vegan bashing! If you don’t know this show, you have been missing out. It’s kind of the best. They use actors to create tense situations and then see if bystanders intervene. Like if a kid is being bullied for being gay, will the people around intervene and help him. Stuff like that. And then they harass the people about why they did or didn’t help. See? The best! And this time, it’s with vegans!

The show airs tonight at 9 on ABC News and I’m very excited. Let’s all watch and then tomorrow we can discuss!


DO IT: Be a Guest on Check Please, Bay Area!  »

Everyone, you need to be on this super fun food show on KQED and make all the other guests go out and eat delicious vegan food and then do something crazy like sip wine out of the host’s butt on air* and become internet famous. That’d be really great for vegans. SO SERIOUSLY GET ON IT

Also, Check, Please! Bay Area is the greatest and if you haven’t watched an episode, take one in and then get hooked for life. I love how they often have vegetarian guests and maybe even vegans a few times but let’s infiltrate the pool and the airwaves and show the world how delicious veganism is! I know they need guests so why not you? Why not me? WHY NOT ALL OF US? Let’s do this!

PLEASE NOTE: Only apply if you’re non-crazy. We do not need any more high-profile vegan crazies making news, ok?? 

*DON’T do this. ALWAYS ignore me. EXCEPT for applying for this. IF you’re non-crazy. OKAY, bye!


Martha Stewart goes vegan and we’ll be there!  »

I don’t know if you know this, but I love Martha Stewart! I know, I’ve said it before, but it’s still true. In my younger days, I was basically the Martha Stewart of West Philly. Ask anybody. I was obsessed. Since I became vegan, we’ve been a little distant, but all that is about to change! Your friend Megan Rascal is going to be in the audience for Martha’s vegan episode!!! I AM SO EXCITED I DON’T THINK I’LL BE ABLE TO SLEEP!!! What am I going to wear?! JESUS CHRISTMAS I’M GOING TO DIE!

Hey! I’m back! And I’m calm. So! Do you follow Vegansaurus on twitter? Because 1) we tweet some seriously magical shit on the regular and 2) I will be live-tweeting from the taping! If they let me! Exclusive Martha Stewart behind-the-scenes tweets! If I can get them! Make sure you follow us so you can be “in the know,” as we say in the business. And if you get to watch the episode (10 a.m. on the Hallmark channel. Also, what is the Hallmark channel?), be sure and look out for me in the crowd! I’ll be the extra pretty one with the goofy ecstatic smile! I might have a sign. It might have a marriage proposal. It’s live TV, ANYTHING can happen!


Martha Stewart is doing a vegan episode! My heart explodes!  »

I love Martha Stewart like whoa, so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed since I heard she’s doing a vegan episode. I’m tearing up! I’ve loved her since I was little; I would read her magazine every month and make crazy desserts for my family. Nowadays, she has plenty of vegan recipes on her site! Including vegan Worcestershire sauce! You should make this so we can make vegan Chex mix! Chex mix RULES. I have had a fondness for Worcestershire sauce ever since I was little because there was this great episode of Scooby Doo where the running joke was that he couldn’t pronounce “Worcestershire.” Hilarious! Except now I have no idea how to pronounce it either. Thanks, Scooby!

That’s all very interesting but GUESS WHAT! You can get tickets for the Martha Stewart vegan episode! It’s filmed in New York but I think you SFers should fly over for it! I promise if you do, we can totally get brunch—mimosas on me! I’m not sure which day but it’s going to be filmed this month. I’ve already requested my tickets! WHAT IF I MEET MARTHA STEWART?! OMJESUS I WILL DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN!

Meanwhile, make me this crazy vegan banana tart thing!



I know you’ve probably already seen this but if you haven’t, it’s such a powerful episode of Morgan Spurlock’s fantastic show, 30 Days. A hunter goes to live with some vegans and wackiness ensues! Actually, awesomeness ensues.

Anyway, it’s on Hulu and who knows for how long because you know how they do, but watch it and get someone else to watch it too. So great.

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