This is Nigella Lawson making breakfast bruschetta on television. It’s vegan, but she doesn’t use that word (it’s scary!). So how do we know this even exists? Our new favorite YouTube channel, Accidentally Vegan!

Some beautiful vegan genius culls the whoops-it’s-vegan recipes from the thrilling/terrifying orgy of animal products that is (most of!) the Food Network and uploads them! Imagine serving your nervous friends and relations something vegan and amazing, quelling their fears of kale six ways by casually mentioning, “Oh this?I got the recipe from Guy Fieri/Bobby Flay/Ina Garten/Nigella Lawson/Martha Stewart/etc. ad infinitum!” and watch their faces relax, lulled into accepting your vegan offerings by the implicit promise that it can’t be weird, it was on the Food Network.

Accidentally Vegan is doing the lord’s work. Follow her blog/Twitter/YouTube and thank her for calling attention to the glory of vegan recipes on basic cable. 

[link via One Green Planet]


Justin Timberlake on SNL is a dancing block of tofu promoting veganism?! It’s CRAZY because veganism isn’t the complete butt of the joke—we’re just PART of the butt of the joke! PROGRESS.

It’s nuts to see vegans portrayed as not total assholes on network TV — are we in the twilight zone? Is there a gremlin on the wing of the plane? What is happening?! And the fact that the sketch ended on a positive note about veganism—I don’t know; that was very dope. I’m not super sure how hilarious it was—was it hilarious??—but it was pretty fucking awesome for the animals. BRING IT DOWN TO VEGANVILLE.

(Sarah E. Brown—there’s even a spirulina reference!!)


Welcome the starting lineup for Puppy Bowl IX!  »

Puppy Bowl is back! We love Puppy Bowl, because puppies + adoption = television GOLD, and we are super-happy to alert you to this year’s starting lineup. The Puppy Bowl IX players are here! Let’s size them up!

My favorites this year are Daffodil, of Harley’s Haven Rescue in Souderton, Pa., because look at THAT FACE. She is like the platonic ideal of That Puppy in the Window and I just want to make her happy.

I am also pretty enamored of Sally, from North Smithfield, R.I.’s Furever Dachshund Rescue. She is long of ear and body, and short of leg, which are qualities I appreciate in a dog.

Finally, ol’ Lenny here, from Gimme Shelter in Sagaponack, N.Y., because he looks tough. It’s hard to look tough when you’re an itty-bitty puppy with tiny milk teeth and awkwardly oversized paws.

Who are your favorites? I’ve never picked an MVP, but that doesn’t matter when you’ve got a football field full of puppies. Puppy Bowl IX airs at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 3, on Animal Planet.

Update: Blitz is totally going to kick A because her name is Blitz and she’s wild-eyed! -Megan


[Photos by Keith Barraclough | DCL via Animal Planet]


Padma Lakshmi made vegan lentil salad with Ellen! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s nice to see someone who is famous for eating all kinds of dead animals get so excited by cruelty-free food. Ellen, however controversial, continues to be charming. Also Padma is ridiculously beautiful, though I suspect those weirdly pleated pants are made of leather.



We didn’t have time to watch the first episode of How to Live to 100 yet! Your Vegansaurus is having an extremely busy January! Also you guys haaaaaated the host in his preview video, so watching it is like at the bottom of our to-do list right now (below “playing with our new juicer,” above “learning stranded knitting”).
However, we did see that the show featured this recipe for zucchini-pumpkin seed fritters, from Leon’s Full Service in Decatur, Ga. Doesn’t that sound good? If a bit out of season. Still, there’s never a wrong time for fried vegetables.
[Photo via How to Live to 100]

We didn’t have time to watch the first episode of How to Live to 100 yet! Your Vegansaurus is having an extremely busy January! Also you guys haaaaaated the host in his preview video, so watching it is like at the bottom of our to-do list right now (below “playing with our new juicer,” above “learning stranded knitting”).

However, we did see that the show featured this recipe for zucchini-pumpkin seed fritters, from Leon’s Full Service in Decatur, Ga. Doesn’t that sound good? If a bit out of season. Still, there’s never a wrong time for fried vegetables.

[Photo via How to Live to 100]


The vegans get a new cooking show! On cable!

Meet Jason Wrobel, impending host of How to Live to 100, which premieres Sunday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. EST on the Cooking Channel, whatever that is. TOO MANY CHANNELS, TV. I can’t handle it.

Good things about Jason Wrobel:

  • He made his way onto TV making (often-raw) vegan food and will appear in living rooms everywhere, thus forwarding the world conversion on veganism
  • He’s perky
  • He’s posted some recipes online already (Cilantro Lime Pesto Pasta anyone?)
  • He has a series of YouTube videos (see above) so you can watch him cook even if you don’t have cable, like some of us

Ungood things about Jason Wrobel:

  • He’s kind of annoying

Who’s gonna watch the show? If it’s successful, maybe other TV execs will jump on the gravy train and we can all buy stock in chia seeds and retire rich and then watch vegan cooking shows all day! Let’s do this!


Vegan superhero Terry Hope Romero has a cooking show! Coming to your eyeballs this fall!  »

TV is the best! You guys! One of our national treasures, PBS, has teamed up with another of our national treasures, Ms. Terry Hope Romero, and two other vegan wunderfrauen, Toni Fiore (of Totally Vegetarian) and Miyoko Schinner, to create Vegan Mashup, an all-vegan cooking show! The world is our oyster mushroom!

The Portland Press Herald has a great article about it that makes us wish summer were over already and we could be watching Terry in our homes all the time. Laura and I met her at last year’s VidaVeganCon and she’s the prettiest funniest best! If the Bay Area PBS affiliate, KQED, doesn’t pick up Vegan Mashup, I swear we will riot in the streets. We know where your headquarters are and we aren’t afraid to sit in. San Francisco autumns are totally mild, we could carry on for weeks. That’s conditional “could.”

The point is, we are really looking forward to this, and if you want to see it, maybe you should contact your local PBS carrier and demand television justice! The vegan revolution is coming, and it involves HD shots of ladies plating tacos!

[Photo by Avery Yale Kamila for the Portland Press Herald]


All-vegan Cupcake Wars episode this Sunday!  »

This Sunday, March 4, there’s an ALL VEGAN episode of Cupcake Wars!

They say, “In the first ever Cupcake Wars all-vegan showdown, four vegan bakers fight to have their cupcakes at the opening day celebration for the inaugural Los Angeles Green Festival.” 

Woo! So exciting! Now give vegans a regular cooking show! Preferably starring Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Chloe Coscarelli living in a tree house together with a bear and a squirrel. Also, they’re always having a tea party and I’m in the background eating all the food and waving at my mom. PLENTY MORE IDEAS WHERE THAT CAME FROM. Call me!

[Perhaps someone will make Sarah’s Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes and take home the gold? People with cable will find out this Sunday!]


Get it together and stop killing horses, HBO’s “Luck”  »

HBO has a new show called Luck. It’s about horse-racing, a “sport” I understand has been losing popularity for decades and is probably still around because it, like dog-racing, is legal to bet on in states where gambling is only otherwise legal in Indian casinos. Which speaks very highly of it as a “sport,” right? Definitely you want to be in a place people frequent because of the opportunities to gamble while wearing enormous hats presents.

Luck is a show about a dying American pastime made even weirder by the vernacular specific to this pastime that, because it’s dying, very few viewers of the show understand. Have you read the internet during the past six weeks? Everyone who talks about television is all, “Oh Luck, the dialog is impenetrable and the actors are all individually and specifically creepy and threatening, and the last show its creator made was also a thematic mess, but he also did Deadwood and HBO means ‘Serious Television Business,’ so we’re going to pretend to love it! Horses!”

My first point is, you’re probably not watching Luck, and you shouldn’t, because it’s nonsense. If you are, though, you may have noticed that in place of the standard “No animals were harmed” notation in the credits, there’s a line that says “The American Humane Association Monitored the animal action.” That’s because animals were harmed during the filming of this television show, specifically two horses, which actually suffered such serious injuries they had to be euthanized. No, I don’t know why veterinary medicine hasn’t solved fatal horse injuries; it seems awfully 19th century to still be putting horses down when they break their legs, right?

HBO tells the New York Observer that yeah it was totally tragic that we got those horses killed, but after the second one died we “suspended production” to figure out how not to kill any more horses while filming our television show about this shitty sport that fucking wrecks horses specifically bred to be fucking wrecked and that no one except the people involved in their wrecking gives a fuck about—that is, they’ve “adopt[ed] additional protocols specifically for horse racing sequences” and they’re earning that AHA-trademarked “No animals were harmed” line that will appear in future episodes’ credits.

Sorry two horses had to die before you figured your shit out, HBO and the producers of Luck, but you’ve got David Milch and he’s a genius! And horse racing was once upon a time the sport of kings or whatever. So you’ve got that going for you.

[photo of (Brazilian!) horses by Eduardo Amorim via Flickr]


Do your in-laws just not understand your veganism? Repair your relationship on TV!  »

We love this majestic bitch, but we need more vegans on TV!

There’s a new TV show that’s looking for vegans who have difficult relationships with their in-laws, in regard to their veganism. I KNOW this describes some of our readers, so I’m helping to spread the word in hopes that some super normal and cool vegans will want to be on TV, earn some money, and possibly even maybe get some real help with their relationships. OK? Let’s represent! 

Here are the details:

We’re currently casting a powerful new series on A&E that’s dedicated to helping couples — married or unmarried — who for one reason or another are struggling to maintain a civil relationship with an in-law. Specifically, we’re reaching out to couples who feel like their in-laws don’t respect their vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. It’s a topic that plenty of couples can relate to. They can offer one-one-one family counseling with a professional (on AND off camera) as well as a generous financial honorarium [Ed.: !!!] for their time and commitment.

If you’re desperate to repair your relationship with an in-law before it’s too late, we want to hear from you! Families who appear on the show will have the opportunity to work with a professional relationship expert who will help them to identify their issues and repair their relationships.

If you’re interested in being on reality TV (the saddest and greatest of all American dreams!), representing as a non-crazy vegan, making a little cash, and maybe even (MAYBE?) getting some actual help with your relationship,* EMAIL ME!

*Although, let’s be real, this is reality television. You probably have as much of a chance of getting actual help as Lindsay Lohan has of making it to her 30th birthday GOD BLESS HER

[image by kafka4prez via Flickr]

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