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Just got word from the fine people at Earth Island Institute that they need volunteers to help promote The Cove, a new documemtary about the multibillion dollar capture-and-slaughter dolphin trade. Sad face(x)infinity. The Cove won the Audience Award in Documentary at Sundance. I saw a preview recently and it looks INTENSE. And by INTENSE, I mean that the preview totally made me cry and feel all outraged and lighted the activist fire within my soul. Totes gots to see this 4 real. The shit that humans do is beyond fucked up. Ugh, I am not a person that believes in violence but all I’m saying is that this makes me want to put some private parts in a vice grip. ANYWAY, check out the trailer, get information on upcoming screenings and yeah, do both those things.

Mary Jo Rice of E.I.I. has more details about volunteering at Bay Area Cove premieres. Word is that you get a really cool t-shirt if you do! FREE STUFF AND HELPING DOLPHIES? Please and thank you!

Please join us in getting the word out about The Cove and intensifying the campaign to end the Japan dolphin and whale slaughter…. In the Bay Area, premieres are scheduled for August 7 for the Shattuck Theater in Berkeley, Embarcadero Cinema Center in San Francisco, and for the San Rafael Film Center in Marin. Volunteers are needed opening weekend at all theaters to pass out postcards and gather email addresses, and at as many subsequent screenings as possible. Can you volunteer? Can you help us recruit individuals who will commit to a minimum of a 4-hour shift on behalf of Japan’s dolphins? We are also looking for a volunteer “Cove Captain” who will serve as principal coordinator for each theater. Any leads would be appreciated. If you can volunteer, please contact Mary Jo Rice.
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