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It’s that time again, The Humane Society of the United States’ Paul Shapiro brings on the funk with all the animal news you need and more for the week! Get ready to fall in love with with Paul and Stephen Colbert, two animal-loving DREAM BOATS!

Break out the box of tissues…Meat giant Tyson Foods is reporting poor sales due to “very difficult market conditions” resulting from decreased demand for meat.

There’s a new Pork mag editorial on HSUS’s campaign against gestation crate confinement in which they call HSUS “the mastermind behind this and many other challenges against animal agriculture.” They further note that “HSUS [is] methodically chipping away at an animal production sector, and it has the manpower and money to wait it out.” (Pork mag also has an article on a new online HSUS campaign.)

Finally, HSUS has been helping many schools and hospitals implement Meatless Monday programs, including Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Oregon, which The Oregonian reported on this week. And BTW, did you know the founder of “Meatopia” (I’d never even heard of it!) is now backing Meatless Monday? See his TIME piece on it. Crazy.

Video of the week: This week’s video is seriously so funny I literally cried while watching it. It’s Colbert’s segment on the dispute between HSUS and Iowa Rep. Steve King over his pro-cruelty stances. It’ll make your day—guaranteed.


Vegan Mofo: BBQ Soy Curls!  »

How great are soy curls? They’re the greatest, right? To me, they taste like slices of chicken breast, without all the gross fat and tissues. They’ve got this amazing texture, and unlike some vegan meat products, they’re super great for you. Basically, they’re dehydrated soy protein made from whole, non-GMO soybeans that are slowly cooked and stretched and dried and BAM. They’re also high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, with 10 grams of protein in every serving. All that, and they’re SO EXTRA DELICIOUS. They really are! And I know I get excited about everything, but even Meave likes them! And she really doesn’t like everything! So there you go, proof that you have to try them: Meave’s Seal of Approval! Oh, and I just learned from Mandy in the comments that they’re gluten-free! They’re the perfect food!

Now that I’ve sold you on soy curls, I’m gonna give you a bomb recipe for them. It’s straight ripped from Julie Hasson, because she’s in Portland, the Land of the Soy Curl, and is a brilliant recipe inventor and chef, and the lady knows what’s up! 

All you do is this:

Soak your soy curls in hot water, like it says on the package. You can add some vegan chicken broth into the water to add some extra delicious flavor, if you’d like. Once they’re hydrated, you need to squeeze out the extra water from the soy curls. It’s satisfying. Then, you take the soy curls and put them in a frying pan with a little salt and oil. Once they’re fried up and a little crispified, add in your favorite BBQ sauce and cook for a couple more minutes until it’s all gooey and delicious.

Eat it from the pan, serve it in a bowl with veggies and rice and vegan ranch (like in Grant Butler’s extra great Oregonian piece! Read it!), or on some bread in a delightful BBQ sandwich, like I did. I used Wildwood Garlic Aioli, fancy pickles, lettuce, pepperoncinis, and some salt and pepper. It looked kinda like this brilliant BeerBQ soy curls sandwich that Jess at Get Sconed made:

You want it now, right? YEAH YOU DO. If you’re in S.F., you can find soy curls at Rainbow, or if you live somewhere else/better/worse/different, check out this list of where to buy, or you can buy them online directly from the beast. It’s six bags for $28 (including shipping), that’s like $4.65 a bag, which is a pretty good price, I think. Plus, it’s hella soy curls and you’re gonna want to put them in EVERYTHING, so don’t hate, celebrate! With soy curls!

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