Help Beyond Skin expand their awesome vegan shoe line!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

My absolute favorite vegan shoe line, Beyond Skin, is in need of help! A manufacturer of their shoes has closed down, taking their new line with it. But there’s hope! If you donate to their Kickstarter (which is hardly a donation as you can totally get shoes!! SHOES!!), they can make this collection a reality!


A £69 donation gets you a pair of these babies in black!

I can’t say enough good things about Beyond Skin. I’ve had pairs of shoes from them that I bought like literally eight years ago and wore a million times and they’re still in great condition. They are comfortable (most of them) and don’t fall apart like so many vegan shoes! Plus they aren’t just vegan, they are people- and environmentally friendly. So I encourage you to chip in today!


Parrot is rescued from near death, wears handmade sweaters.  »


This is Charlie, in his “jumper,” as the British press calls it. Charlie was neglected by his previous caretakers and almost starved to death. During his neglect, he plucked out nearly all of his feathers (some sites say he was attempting to eat them in desperation). Thankfully, he was rescued and taken in by Safehaven Parrot Refuge. A vet recommended euthanasia but the rescue coordinator Rebecca Blagg took Charlie in herself and spoon-fed him back to health.

Besides being weak and hungry, the poor naked boy was shivering from the cold. So Blagg knit him some custom-fit sweaters! And now Charlie wouldn’t be caught without one: "If we take them off him for good, he gets very cross. He stomps about, he shouts, he gets very agitated. So we just stopped trying." How cute! I want a parrot! I also just realized I don’t say “cross” enough. Or “stomps about.” Today’s agenda is now set.

Apparently, it’s not uncommon for parrots to find themselves in need of refuge. The lifespan of an eclectus parrot like Charlie is 65-85 years, so it’s very possible for them to outlive their owners. If you want to help Safehaven, here are some ways to do so.


CoraLlei vegan handbags are coming to Compassion Couture!  »


You know I’m in love with Irish vegan handbag company CoraLlei so I was very excited to hear that 1. their new line is out, and 2. Compassion Couture will now be selling them stateside! 

I contacted Jill from Compassion Couture for the details and she told me they will be selling three styles from the current collection: The Sofia in grey (above), the Cici in tan and the Sienna in grey. And the bags should be up by mid to late March [Update: they’ve landed!].

More about the bags:

-The material used to make the bags is Italian Vegan Leather.

They are produced in Milan, Italy.

-The bags are water resistant and don’t absorb marks or stains and are therefore easier to clean.

-All linings for each bag are made from end of roll recycled materials from the Italian Design Houses in Venice.

I still don’t think I can afford one…but I bet the quality is amazing. So maybe I will consider it an “investment” or something? A quality bag that lasts for 10 years is certainly preferable to 10 crappy pleather environment-killing bags that dissolve in one year. Sigh. We’ll see. 



CoraLlei: Beautiful vegan handbags!  »

The Ellie

Everyone, I’m in love! Don’t worry, it’s not with a person—my emotional wall is still intact. I’m in love with these super-lovable vegan purses from CoraLlei! From Irish designer Lorna Burton, these bags aren’t just beautiful, they are also environmentally friendly:

Conscious of the environmental and social impact of her designs, Lorna Burton’s CoraLlei collection places paramount importance on ethics and sustainability. She uses only sustainable fabrics, packaging, textiles and manufacturing techniques where possible.

Ranging from 220 to 390, I won’t be owning one of these anytime soon (dang U.S. dollar!), but it’s nice to dream. Which is your favorite? Tell me!

The Isabella

The Bow

The Béla


International tragedy: Britain’s National Pig Association predicts global bacon shortage  »

Really, it’s true:

[T]he European Union pig herd is declining at a significant rate, and this is a trend that is being mirrored around the world. Pig farmers have been plunged into loss by high pig-feed costs, caused by the global failure of maize and soya harvests.

(“maize and soya” means “corn and soybeans,” but you knew that already.)

Global warming is fucking it up for you meat-eaters all over the place: those cows being fed gelatin and sugar instead of corn; the World Water Week scientists predicting our need for water will make eating meat globally untenable. We are running out of water to nourish everything on the planet that needs water (read: everything on the planet), and raising commercial livestock not only requires massive amounts of water, but it contributes to the global warming that makes water even more difficult to get.

It just gets harder and harder to be a meat-loving food-obsessed asshole, doesn’t it. Even with the Today Show inanely calling this whole thing “ham-maggedon” like colossal fuckfaces. At least it’s not “bacon-gate.” I really hate meat-product fetishists.

[Photo: Oklahoma bacon cheeseburger at Native Foods by Jeff Gunn via Flickr]

(Source: The Huffington Post)


Tiny dog saves his owner’s life, like a boss.  »

I read this story this morning and ‘bout died. It’s so awesome! Over in the U.K., Toby and his 81-year-old owner Derek, pictured above, were on a walk in the woods when Derek slipped on some crazy bridge over a creek and fell into a bunch of mud. He managed to cling to the bridge railing but as he said, “you can’t hold your grip for long at my age.” Scary!

They were walking with his other dog Bruno who apparently just wandered off when Derek fell. It’s OK, Bruno! We all have different stress responses. But Toby knew his owner needed help and he sprang into action!:

He ran a quarter-of-a-mile past bushes and apartments to reach the security office which was manned. Toby barked anxiously and staff knew there was a problem and followed Toby back to the incident scene. The dog led the way and kept stopping for helpers to catch up.

Go Toby! What a hero! To reward him, Derek and his wife are going to take him on holiday (that means vacation in English). You deserve it, little guy. I wonder if Figaro would save me? He’s got a lot of anxiety and I feel like sometimes people with a lot of anxiety are great in emergency situations because, like, they’ve been preparing for it their whole lives while everyone else was busy being normal. Maybe it’s true for dogs as well! I’ll try to slip on a bridge and see. 

Does anybody have a story like this about their dog (or other pet?) I’d love to hear it! 


Seitan, mushroom and thyme pie from UK vegan blog Spice Box of Earth! How much do you want this? Spoiler alert: SO MUCH.
This is maybe more of a wintry dish but I’m sure it’s good cold so maybe summer is actually the perfect time for it. Because god damn it’s summer. New York is supposed to be 90 degrees today. Shoot me in the head, please. But not before I get some seitan pie!

Seitan, mushroom and thyme pie from UK vegan blog Spice Box of Earth! How much do you want this? Spoiler alert: SO MUCH.

This is maybe more of a wintry dish but I’m sure it’s good cold so maybe summer is actually the perfect time for it. Because god damn it’s summer. New York is supposed to be 90 degrees today. Shoot me in the head, please. But not before I get some seitan pie!


Cruelty at UK pig farm East Anglian Pig Co. caught on camera by Animal Equality. This receives our coveted Graphic as Fuck rating. Not for the faint of heart—I only made it about 45 seconds in. It’s rough. Little piglets being slammed on the ground and awful stuff like that. But the shot of the sheer chaos of overcrowded pigs screaming bloody murder is pretty rough too.

Fucking nuts. They can be stuffed like packing peanuts in an outdoor pen just as easily as indoors in some warehouse. Is this considered free-range?

Sign the petition to prosecute these fuckers


Bourgeois Boheme is giving Vegansaurus readers 10% off! Huzzah!  »

Hey Vegansaurus pals! Guess what I’ve got for you! The awesome U.K. vegan store Bourgeois Boheme is giving us 10 percent off our orders for the months of March and April! Just enter the code VegansaurusBobo at checkout!

If you don’t remember, I actually visited the BB store on my fabulous trip to London a little while ago. I got some super great shoes that everybody compliments me on! Oh boy, do I like compliments. 

It looks like the store has only gotten better. They have these great little icons to help you with your ethics!:

And I’m happy to see they are carrying Melissa now! These are so cute:

And Melissa is making shoes for men now? Awesome!:

I don’t know why but I love driving shoes. Right? They are so classy and not at all as unnecessary as they sound. 

Ok buddies! That is your Vegansaurus perk for now! I will keep looking out for deals in the future. Enjoy!


Warning: scary video. This is a recent video from Animal Equality reveals cruelty at a pig farm in Spain. For those who don’t want to watch it, basically it’s pigs being stabbed with swords. Towards the end it gets super graphic while a pig is disemboweled. Yeah, not for the faint of heart. 

Three of the workers in the footage have been arrested. I haven’t heard anything about supervisors getting in trouble but according to Animal Equality:

Animal Equality has found that these events occur frequently on the farm El Escobar owned by Francisco Vera Sanchez, and that the farm managers are aware of this. In fact it is they who request these actions, have been filmed engaging in them, and have established these methods as the norm for killing animals at the farm.

El Pozo, the company said to be the retailer for this pig farm, seems to be a very big brand in Spain. It is also readily available in the UK. I can’t tell if it’s imported in large amounts to the US. 

Are animal farms the same all over the world

Share this fun video with all the bacon lovers you know! If they want to enjoy their fried muscle and fat, they should at least be witness to where it comes from.

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