Americans eating feces-filled fish! Yum yum!  »

Love to eat dead water animals? Well, enjoy some pig and geese shit with your tasty tilapia carcass! YUM YUM. 

Yep, Americans are consuming insane amounts of dead fish that were raised on feces in China (where, according to Bloomberg, 27 percent of the seafood Americans eat comes from). Check it out:

At Chen Qiang’s tilapia farm in Yangjiang city in China’s Guangdong province, which borders Hong Kong, Chen feeds fish partly with feces from hundreds of pigs and geese. That practice is dangerous for American consumers, says Michael Doyle, director of the University of Georgia’s Center for Food Safety. ‘The manure the Chinese use to feed fish is frequently contaminated with microbes like salmonella,’ says Doyle, who has studied foodborne diseases in China.


On a sweltering, overcast day in August, the smell of excrement is overpowering. After seeing dead fish on the surface, Chen, 45, wades barefoot into his murky pond to open a pipe that adds fresh water from a nearby canal. Exporters buy his fish to sell to U.S. companies.

So, not only are your dead fish being fed shit, they’re actually being raised in it, too. Well, the ones who even survive the ordeal and make it into your shitty dinner. Pro tip for home cooks: just douse with extra fresh lemon juice to cover up that shit stank! Oh, and maybe get a tetanus shot? And also, a barf bag?

And it’s not just fish! Shrimp, one of the absolute worst things you can eat if you give a shit about the environment or AMAZING SEA TURTLES (Indonesian shrimp trawlers kill 26 pounds of sea creatures for every 1 pound of shrimp they collect! ONE POUND. Please read Eating Animals for more fun facts like this!) is feeling the funk, too. It all starts at Ngoc Sinh Seafoods Trading & Processing Export Enterprise in Vietnam (8 percent of the shrimp Americans eat comes from Vietnam), where dead shrimps are stored in water that’s deemed “not safe for drinking” and “workers stand on a dirty floor sorting shrimp one hot September day. There’s trash on the floor, and flies crawl over baskets of processed shrimp stacked in an unchilled room in Ca Mau.”

Seriously, someone get me to Long John Silver’s for a basket of deep-fried salmonella STAT! USA! USA!

[H/t to genius news juggernaut Eve Batey for the awesome/awful link!]


PCRM makes a good point  »

New nutrition guidelines:

Breakdown of government food subsidies:

As PCRM points out, maybe they should match up a little more?

The USDA even spells out their essential point: “Key Consumer Message: Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.”

But when I look at the subsidies pie chart, something is amiss!


Barnard to Bloomberg: step up your health game!  »

New York City Mayor Bloomberg made a bold statement last week with a proposal to ban the city’s food stamp recipients—all 1.7 million of them—from using food stamps to purchase sugary drinks and soda. Responding in an op-ed, Dr. Neal Barnard took Bloomberg to task by urging him to “include the foods that are really driving the obesity epidemic”—namely, meat and dairy.
Dr. Barnard underlined some alarming statistics from sources like the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, irrefutably linking an animal-based diet to horrific health issues. Omnivores, for example, were found to be more than two times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than vegans—scary!

Dr. Barnard emphasized that a person could use their money to buy anything they desire, regardless of nutritional value or potential harm. But the less money the government hands out for Cheetos, bacon, and Hawaiian Punch, the bigger the incentive will be for supermarkets city-wide to stock their shelves with kale, brown rice, and almond milk. The proposed measure would also include a nutrition education campaign detailing the reasons behind the change. This, in turn, could revolutionize the health of New York City and provide a healthful model for the entire nation and beyond. Predictably, the soda companies have already raised a stink about their “bottom line.”

But the real bottom line is far bleaker: Eating crap—especially meat, dairy, and sugar—increases risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. And eventually, it kills. What you put into your body matters, a lot, and we need to make healthy food more accessible for ALL. Sounds to me like this is just the kind of healthful initiative we need.

[photo by andrefaria on Flickr]


Gross meat germs cost us billions in healthcare dollars annually!  »

I get a lot of questions about being vegan:

Q. Do you actually like tofu?

Q. Don’t you miss steak?
A: NO.

Q. How did you get to be so beautiful?
A: I’ll never tell.

One of the most irritating questions is, “Isn’t veganism crazy expensive?” and I’m all, “How much did that carton of free-range eggs cost you?” Now science can back me up: Some study ranked pathogens found in food according to how much they cost society, and more than half, including the top three, are found in meat products.

Guess what was at the very tip-top? A food contaminant called Campylobacter, which is found in the nastiest of factory-farmed products: chicken! Campy, as it shall be affectionately known henceforth, sickens 600,000 people and costs society $1.3 billion per year in terms of medical care, missed work, chronic health problems, and even death. DEATH, Y’ALL. Could this all be fixed, as the article suggests, by overhauling the USDA? Probably not—they be in the pockets of the meat and dairy industry, yo!

In conclusion, while veganism might sometimes cost me slightly more money right off the bat (assuming I choose to eat exclusively processed faux meat products) than eating burgers and chili dogs, it saves me AND society money in the long run!


Wolves to be removed from endangered species lists in five states. Go USA!  »

[PBS special: Hunting Wolves, Saving Wolves. Shows both sides of the argument. Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

It’s official: in 50-some days, five states are set to take gray wolves off the endangered species list. This is the first time Congress has removed a species from the endangered list. This is not good. You would hope that an animal’s being removed from the endangered species list would mean that the species* had rebounded something fierce—that’s not the case here. The wolf population has recovered a lot from near extinction but that’s not why the wolves are being de-listed. In this case, politics triumphs over science. The Northern Rockies has something like 1,700 wolves and they are just making it too darn hard to hunt. The federal government has relinquished control and the individual states will now “manage” the wolf population on their own. I totally trust a bunch of hunters to manage an endangered species. There are a few super-duper legitimate restrictions; for example, under the new deal, Montana, who currently has a little less than 600 wolves, would have to keep a minimum of 150 wolves and 15 breeding pairs. That sounds totally reasonable—75 percent of the species could be wiped out. It’s like, how few can we keep around so that we can rebuild the species once we deplete it again?

The whole thing is depraved. The way they went about it is just as bad as the motivation behind the de-listing. They slipped it into the budget agreement and it’s total bullshit. Why is that legal? And we can’t have realistically expected the President to refuse to sign the budget and shut down the government for wolves. Fucking Congress. I wasn’t aware of this because I’m not that into right-wing politics but according to the Washington Post, “The endangered act has long been reviled by conservatives who see it as a hindrance to economic development.” Damn endangered species, always getting in the way of making money. I’m sure the conservatives are super excited now that they no longer have to go through the usual channels with regards to endangered species—congress has got their back.

Like I said last week, this sets a terrible precedent for other endangered species. Bison and grizzles are already in danger. I just hope there’s not a budget agreement next time polar bears get too rowdy. 

If you want to help, check out Defenders of Wildlife, Earth Justice and the Humane Society.

*I don’t generally like this word but I’ve used it because that’s the word the government uses and you know what I mean.


Bowdoin College bros throw tantrum over Meatless Monday  »

Some students at Bowdoin College in Maine were so offended that their school cafeteria decided to participate in Meatless Monday, they threw an impromptu barbecue. Thrilling! My first thought is: This school is in Maine; who cares what they do? My second thought is: The privileged, self-entitled yuppies of tomorrow are so predictable! According to the article, the students are likening Meatless Monday to an attack on their civil liberties. Stop the press! You mean young privileged America is short-sighted and self-absorbed? Shocking! Wait until Europe gets a hold of this!

My favorite part of the article is that while the students are complaining they are being denied access to meat, they all manage to scrounge some up for their barbecue. Clearly, these rich douchebags have never been denied anything in their life. Meatless Monday is a threat to their rights? In a country full of racism, sexism, and xenophobia, it’s insulting that these kids think Meatless Monday is something to be offended about. Open your eyes: meat is destroying the planet!

You know what I’m going to be mad about? Recycling! I can’t believe my government, in the supposed land of the free, is imposing recycling on me! Will the injustice never cease?!


File under WTF: HuffPo has a piece about “passionate” farmers dedicated to preserving bison SO WE CAN EAT THEM. Here’s the amazing video from one such farmer where he first tells us how he fell in love with this amazing animal and then how great the meat is.

They are calling bison “the meat of the future.” Um, no it’s not, dummies! It’s the meat of Dances With Wolves; in-vitro meat is the true meat of the future! How much more future can you get than science-meat?! This whole article is ridiculous, actually: “I, personally, was touched by Ed’s story and his connection to the animals (something I think you’ll feel while watching the video). Being a former president of the National Bison Foundation, he’s eager to teach you all he can about the bison’s rich, yet devastating history and why it’s important to support small farmers like him to help grow the industry.”

I too was personally touched* by this video, touched by the WTF INSANITY! This is the end of the bison’s “devastating history”? To be served up as an “exotic” entree to “adventurous” foodies? Yeah, not only is grinding an animal into burger a totally dignified end, it’s also a great way to show you love them. Lesson learned! Come here, Figgy! I love you and I’m hungry!

*haaa not like that!


Celebrate the everyday with Meat Week, the festival for people with too much time on their hands  »

Want to hear something that’s just so cool? There’s a group dedicated to creating a “Meat Week” in cities throughout the country! How clever is that?! OMG such a great idea. Wait, can we also have a White History Month and a Straight Pride Parade?! Bros, reality check: American culture has beat you to Meat Week! But we just call it, “this week,” or occasionally, “next week” and sometimes, “last week.” Get it? Every week is Meat Week here in the U.S. of A.

I read their website so you don’t have to—and oh my god do you owe me. Suffering through their writing was like having someone vomit stupidity directly into my brain. For real, don’t read it; it will make you dumber. I will break it down for you instead: Meat Week was started by a Floridian fanboy and -girl who took time off from whatever role-playing game I’ve never heard of to eat BBQ for a week. Somehow I doubt this is really anything new; I’m sure they ate plenty of BBQ before this, they just wanted to add a “festivus” element to make their redundant evening plans a little more exciting. Mission accomplished, pals!

This is like those people who were protesting smoke-free bars. In my youth, I enjoyed an indoor cigarette here and there but to actually spend your energy protesting that? With all the problems and injustice in the world, that is the what really gets you off the couch? For shame, people. Seriously, that’s pathetic. It’s as pathetic as using your resources, energy and skills to organize a “Meat Week” when everyone and his mom is already eating more meat than the world can sustain. Americans eat about twice the global average of meat a day while the meat industry continues to destroy the planet. This is an example of the “FUCK YOU WORLD” attitude that makes everyone hate the United States. For real, everyone thinks Americans are gluttonous, mindless, smug douchebags and things like a Meat Week are exactly why.

I’ve got a great idea: let’s have an Fossil-Fuel Week! We could do it right after Bike-to-Work Week. All we have to do is get millions of people to drive their cars everywhere all the time, spend a ton on industrialized heating and cooling systems, personally use as much electricity and power as possible and let’s cover the country in factory farms. OMG WAIT HOLD THE PHONE! OK, OK, well how about a petroleum slip-n-slide?! Oh, right.


I’d be happy to help wedge stale bread up the bird’s asshole. LOLZ FUNNY CAUSE IT’S TRUE. Someecards has gotten considerably lamer but this card is rad. Send it to all your friends with a “NOT!” or a “PSYCH!” in the email attachment and that’s that. Also, please remind them that turkeys RULE!
[via ohohmydarlin]

I’d be happy to help wedge stale bread up the bird’s asshole. LOLZ FUNNY CAUSE IT’S TRUE. Someecards has gotten considerably lamer but this card is rad. Send it to all your friends with a “NOT!” or a “PSYCH!” in the email attachment and that’s that. Also, please remind them that turkeys RULE!

[via ohohmydarlin]

(Source: hill-betty)


ACTION ALERT: Leaflet and protest the DISGUSTING rodeo!  »

Humanity Through Education in protesting the “Grand National Rodeo” at the Cow Palace in Daly City (2600 Geneva Avenue) from Wednesday, Oct. 20 through Saturday, Oct. 23. You should be there to help. Each protest begins at 6 p.m., it only takes an hour or two and you’re there to educate people who might not know how disgusting the rodeo is. The rodeo isn’t the charming slice of Americana that people want to think it is: it’s totally fucked up and super cruel. Ugh, if you’re feeling tired or PMS-y and you watch that video, guaranteed tears and outrage. I’m both and so I just threw my television through a window and then cried in a corner for 10 minutes. Rinse and repeat!

 So, anyway, HAPPY MONDAY!

These leaflettings and protests REALLY matter and they REALLY need people so I hope you’ll take time to hit one (or more!) up. Flyers, signs and banners will be provided! If you need more info, call Shani at 925/819-6752. SEE YOUR SEXY CARING ASSES THERE!

Aaaaand a little more depressing-ass rodeo info from Humanity Through Education:

The entertainment value of Rodeo is the brutality of the animals, and “the success of rodeos rests on the exploitation of animals’ reactions to pain, noise and fear and the animal’s desire to escape.” Canadian Veterinary Association’s Statement on Rodeos, `85. Inflicting pain on other animals is inherent in, and an essential part of, the Rodeo show.

Rodeo events include:
* Calf-roping, wherein a calf is running full bore, from fear, and a rope is thrown around his neck, stopping him dead in his tracks and yanking him back with the same force he is running. “The results [are] severed tracheas, broken necks, ruptured ligaments that hold the head to the body, internal injury and broken bones.” Dr. Peggy Larson, a former bareback bronc rider, (Monterey Herald, July `02)
* Bronc Busting, wherein a horse has a bucking strap cinched tightly around his flank, causing him intense pain, making him buck wildly in an attempt to lessen the pain, not to “throw the rider.” A Humane Society study showed that even tame horses bucked when a bucking strap was put on them. Gross.

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