Vaute Couture visiting San Francisco for discount shopping!  »

Hello, everyone with good taste, style and money; this announcement is for you!

Vaute Couture will be in town on Friday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 29 to show us the new fall/winter ‘10 collection, the remaining stock from the fall/winter ‘09 collection, and current late-summer/early fall pieces. You’ll be able to pre-order FW10 items at a discount, and buy the current/older items on the spot.

This will happen at appointment-only Pop-Up Shops, which haven’t been scheduled yet (Orange County and L.A., check the site for details about yours!). However, if you want in, and you probably do, you gorgeous creature, you should send an email right away to hold a spot, with information like your name and phone number; whether you’ll be alone or with a friend or two; and notes on your preferred Vaute Couture styles/sizes/colors. Again, check the site for the exact times of these Pop-Up Shops, because as of now they have not been announced. There is also promise of a party! [Ed.: If you know a place that might want to host an event too, let her know!]

Leanne Ma-ly says anyone is welcome to make an appointment to say hello and ogle the clothes without buying anything, so if you’re broke, you can still admire vegan fashions!


Unaffordable Vegan Winter Coats  »

Is it me, or is Vaute Couture just too damn expensive? I wonder if they accept Visa, MasterCard, or my right kidney.

[Ed.: I will say that they use hella high-quality materials and they do cost less than say, Stella McCartney, and they are super-cute, so vegans with money, BUY THEM FOR THOSE OF US WHO CAN’T. But yeah, I’d love to see some more affordable vegan winter coats…anyone up for a round-up!?]


The fancy-fancy: Vegans in faux-furs  »

The LA Times ran a nice little feature on “vegan fashion” on Sunday. Inside, a number of young designers and boutique owners explain why they run cruelty-free businesses, and it touches on reasons that consumers would want to buy vegan clothing, shoes, and accessories. Seriously, it’s decent, and only a little bit giggle-at-the-loonies. The designers—including Elizabeth Olsen of OlsenHaus, Inder Bendi of Matt & Nat, and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture—are all middle-priced brands, less dear than Stella McCartney,* but of higher quality than “polyurethane flats from Payless.” Ew, Payless, que naco. Nothing stylish ever came out of that place.

If you’ve wished you could buy more clothes only to be stymied by all the death and destruction found in even a simple pair of underpants, do not despair: there is more out there for us than cotton and plastics. Today, Vegansaurus introduces a new feature: The Fancy-Fancy, in which we discuss fashion! Because 100 percent of us love clothes a lot, and 100 percent of us take a lot of care to ensure that what we wear reflects our beliefs as much as what we eat. Also, because this is a “living guide” as well as an “eating guide,” and you can’t say you’re really living if you don’t look good.

*Problematic, this one. She’s the only major designer I can think of who doesn’t use any leather, and of course she doesn’t use fur, but she does use wool and silk.  Presumably from well cared-for sheep and goats, like those of the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm, but I can’t find confirmation.


Product review: Vaute Couture Coats!  »

Um, I can’t really review these because I haven’t tried them on but Vaute Couture has some hella super cute vegan winter coats. As any vegan lady knows, those are as hard to come by a baby robin at a Cute Baby Animals Convention. Just not happening. Plus, Vaute Couture is the baby of Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, a rocking vegan lady who is doing it to it and she definitely deserves our support. Oh and the proceeds from the Vaute coat go to Farm Sanctuary! Pretty. Awesome. <— see how I did that?

The coats are available for special pre-order right now (which means that you can get them for as much as HALF OFF THE RETAIL PRICE)! They’ll arrive in October, just in time for you to not wear that ugly North Face windbreaker all winter! Woohoo! Note to all (read: Jonas): I <3 the gray pea coat with the vintage buttons.


Vaute Couture vegan coat design contest: This entry is not about food  »

It’s about FASHION! Runway! Glamour! Magic!

Anyhow, this cool new website/company/group of people who are apparently made of money and good will, Vaute Couture, is sponsoring a vegan coat design contest. Three lucky winners (there is some sort of voting process involving the public or a panel or experts or something, I skimmed so don’t look at me for facts!) will get $1,000 and have their designs made and sold on the site! Even better, the money from the sales of the coats will go to Farm Sanctuary! I don’t know how these Vaute Couture fools are swinging such an amazing deal but damn, I wish I had any kind of talent because I would be designing something right now. Actually, maybe I’ll submit a coat that makes the wearer look like a penguin? Or a rhino? Or a penguin-rhino? Let’s face it, I’ve got this in the bag!

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