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The people who brought you the Veggie Prom, at which I hear I had a lot of fun, are gearing up for another party: Veg-O-Ween
Proceeds benefit Mercy for Animals!

Veg friendly foodies: put on your Halloween best! Veg-O-Ween, New York’s vegan Halloween dance party, returns for a second year on Saturday, Oct. 29 at Crema, an upscale Mexican restaurant happily taking on the vegan challenge for the event. Adding hand-passed gourmet tapas and a happy hour to the delicious mix, this year’s party promises to be bigger, better, and a bit fancier than the last.

The party will be emceed by vegan comedienne Kate Wolff and DJed by vegan DJ Lil Ray. Guests are encouraged enter both the costume contest and raffle to compete for prizes from local and national vegan vendors.  Happy Hour is from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. (early arrival is a must!). Tasty vegan desserts will be provided by the amazing Vèritè Catering.

Where: Crema, 111 West 17th St. (between 6th and 7th avenues)
When: Saturday, Oct. 29 at 9:30 p.m.
Tickets: $35 in advance, $40 at the door (21 and over). Advance tickets are on sale now.

I don’t have a Halloween costume yet! OMG. Usually I am a super-scary zombie-something—zombie-flapper, zombie-housewife, etc. As it turns out, I’m totally great at zombie makeup! Who knew. Like, I scare chicks at parties because my wounds look so icky. But the makeup gets all over my stuff! So I’m thinking of switching it up and being a mod-vampire. Or a something-vampire. I’ll still look scary but I think there’s less chance I’ll get fake blood and spirit glue on my shit. What is everyone else being?


Hey New Yorkers! The Veggie Prom is May 13!  »

Holy cannoli, I love a school dance! So I am more than excited about the Veggie Prom. But I need a date, and I have a month to get one. OK, Megan, you can do this!

From the press release (so pro!):

Veggie Prom Party Kicks off NYC Veggie Pride Weekend on May 13 at Public Assembly (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Veggie Prom returns for a second year of drinking and dancing in honor of NYC’s veggie community. People of all dietary persuasions are invited to attend the party, slated for Friday, May 13 at Williamsburg’s Public Assembly. As party organizer Jessica Mahady of Veggie Conquest says: “This is a chance for a compassionate community to come together to celebrate!”

In addition to drinks and dancing, the party promises to serve up free vegan snacks, desserts, and door prizes for a lucky few. NYC’s vegan DJ Lil Ray will keep the dancefloor moving with prom classics and favorites from across the generations. Partygoers are encouraged to dress up in creative prom-wear and vote for their favorite activist to be prom king and queen. For the most up-to-date list of sponsors and giveaways and to submit a prom court nomination, visit

Tickets are on sale now through the Veggie Prom website, and if there are remaining tickets, they will be available at the door ($10 advance/$15 at the door). Public Assembly is located at 70 North 6th St. (L to Bedford). No date necessary to attend!

I guess I can go stag! Regardless, I’m terribly excited. YOU KNOW your friend Megan Rascal likes to light up the dance floor. But don’t worry if your skills aren’t as great as mine; it’s like Miriam Makeba always said: If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.

See you there!


Vegansaurus Visits Veggie Conquest NYC  »

The East Coast branch of Vegansaurus had the privelege of attending Veggie Conquest, a new amateur vegan cooking competition in New York City. It’s described as an event for “vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, raw foodists, fruitarians, and whatever-other-tarians with a love for food.”

Here’s how it works: a secret ingredient is picked a week before the event and is emailed to those who’ve signed up as chefs. No recipes are allowed! Each competing dish is evaluated by three judges, who score on taste, originality and presentation. There’s also an opportunity to win a “taster’s choice” award.

In person, the event is run really well. I’ve been to other open food events and have never left as well-fed as I was here. The competing dishes are served to each taster by volunteers followed by a buffet-style presentation for main dishes and dessert. This time around, the desserts were provided by Sweet & Sara, vegan marshmellow queen.

The secret ingredient this time was squash. Up for prizes were Butter-Nutty Squash Dip, Squash Chips With Watermelon salsa, Squash-Stuffed Mushrooms, and Smoked Chili Buttercup-Squash-Filled Zucchini Blossoms. My personal favorite were the stuffed mushrooms, which won second place. The winner of both the taster’s choice and judge’s choice was the very unique smoked chili buttercup squash. Rather than describe dishes to you, I took a video of all the chefs describing their process and attempted to get a little competitive, which kind of failed. These are all very nice people!

Thanks to Jessica of Veggie Conquest for letting us into the event and letting me harass her chefs!

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