Adorable kids sells vegan food in Denver! Makes you wish you lived here with me, huh?

This cutie got all dressed up in suspenders and sold lemon-and-mint sun tea and vegan banana bran muffins on the corner at a “goodies stand”! I love child labor, especially in costume!

[Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it on theĀ local news]


Vegan Indian food pop-up in the Mission on Wednesday!  »

Dude, this sounds amazing. The folks at Kasa are making it happen, deliciously. It’s only $20, the menu is HUGE, and reports from last week’s dinner were that it was off the chain. Maybe not that wording exactly but I’m too lazy to look up the emails. SO! Go this week and support them making it all vegan and maybe we’ll see more vegan nights! They are randomly doing this one vegan because the demand was so high last week, so let’s support them!

Now, here is a picture of Dhokla, a chickpea flour sponge cake drizzled with tamarind sauce. You’ll be eating it on Wednesday, and you will be very happy!
See you there
! Er, but first, call 415-690-8512 for reservations or email for reservations!

[picture from Food Stories!]

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