Do your in-laws just not understand your veganism? Repair your relationship on TV!  »

We love this majestic bitch, but we need more vegans on TV!

There’s a new TV show that’s looking for vegans who have difficult relationships with their in-laws, in regard to their veganism. I KNOW this describes some of our readers, so I’m helping to spread the word in hopes that some super normal and cool vegans will want to be on TV, earn some money, and possibly even maybe get some real help with their relationships. OK? Let’s represent! 

Here are the details:

We’re currently casting a powerful new series on A&E that’s dedicated to helping couples — married or unmarried — who for one reason or another are struggling to maintain a civil relationship with an in-law. Specifically, we’re reaching out to couples who feel like their in-laws don’t respect their vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. It’s a topic that plenty of couples can relate to. They can offer one-one-one family counseling with a professional (on AND off camera) as well as a generous financial honorarium [Ed.: !!!] for their time and commitment.

If you’re desperate to repair your relationship with an in-law before it’s too late, we want to hear from you! Families who appear on the show will have the opportunity to work with a professional relationship expert who will help them to identify their issues and repair their relationships.

If you’re interested in being on reality TV (the saddest and greatest of all American dreams!), representing as a non-crazy vegan, making a little cash, and maybe even (MAYBE?) getting some actual help with your relationship,* EMAIL ME!

*Although, let’s be real, this is reality television. You probably have as much of a chance of getting actual help as Lindsay Lohan has of making it to her 30th birthday GOD BLESS HER

[image by kafka4prez via Flickr]

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