A Fire Inside vegan bakery is back in search of backers!  »

Remember vegan baker Davey and his plea for investors in his Oakland-based vegan bakery? Turns out Kickstarter wasn’t the place for him, but he continues in the pursuit of his dream!

Now you can visit the official A Fire Inside vegan bakery website and order from his menu of sugary baked goods, like bread pudding, cheesecakes, and the infamous Weekend Ruiners, hooray! You probably definitely want to do that. Currently delivery is limited to Oakland and the surrounding area “for a small fee,” or of course you can pick up your sweeties onsite.

But what, you’re asking, about the dream of the storefront and the brick oven and so forth? The fundraising quest continues, this time through ChipIn, the link for which you can find right here. If you donated before, you probably (definitely?) want to donate again—the cause is the same, the result is the same, nothing has changed except the medium. Please contact Davey with any questions; we’re sure he’s happy to answer them.

Best of luck to Davey and all his investors, many of whom really ought to be forthcoming right about now, HINT HINT. Money’s short, we know, but if you have a few spare dollars, consider an investment in a vegan bakery—you can be sure it will pay off in deliciousness later on.


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