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Millennium sous chef Jason Dunbar died unexpectedly while hiking in Yosemite on Friday, May 13. He was only 34 years old, and by all accounts (and there are lots of them), an extremely kind, funny, and awesomely wonderful stand-up dude. I have several friends who are former co-workers of his and all of them speak with such love, it’s awe-inspiring. If I leave behind a 1/20th of that amount of goodwill and affection, I’d be surprised thrilled.

This news really is the pits, and it’s impossible to say anything remotely not awful about the whole terrible situation, so I’ll just say that if you’ve ever enjoyed a meal at Millennium,* there’s a good chance it was thanks to Jason’s culinary genius, as he and Eric Tucker have been creating the menu together for the past five years. So why not donate in his name to the Access Fund, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment at America’s rock climbing sites. We’re lucky to be able to start our Mondays off right by supporting an extremely worthy cause, in the name of an extremely worthy human being. 

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