Tell Your Senator: Hunting in National Parks is THE WORST IDEA!  »

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Hunting: Not as terrible as factory farms on the spectrum of evil, but still not the favorite thing of we, the vegans. Hunting in National Parks where it’s been heretofore prohibited? SO NOT A GOOD IDEA.

But there’s a bill in the Senate right now that could open a bunch of national park lands (especially the weird ones, like “national historic parks”), to hunting. The National Parks Conservation Association is asking us citizens to contact our senators and tell them to fix it!

Here’s the thing: the NCPA is only worried about the national parks. They want the senators to just change a few words to make sure the parks are clearly excluded from this new hunting law. I’m on board with that, and it seems a battle they might actually win if they get enough people to call. 

But they’re not opposing the Sportsman Heritage Act as a whole. Which is something you might want to consider. It makes it OK to import dead polar bears from Canada, and helps support hunting on other federal land. Either way, give a call/write your leaders so they know not to let people kill squirrels at the Frederick Douglass Memorial, so f-ed up!


Vegan action alert: Solano County SPCA needs help RIGHT NOW!!  »

Hey Vegansaurus readers! Eve at the SF Appeal calls our attention to a serious situation at the Solano County SPCA! On Thursday, Dec. 17, 83 puppies were rescued from California Pets & Supply in Dixon, which appears to have been a front for a pretty big puppy mill operation. The shelter presently has 100 total dogs and puppies from that rescue operation, some as young as six weeks old, and is in dire need of supplies and money.

The SCSPCA requests the following
Cleaning Supplies
Simple Green
scrub brushes
newspaper (without shiny ads)
large trash bags
gloves (latex or non-latex)
shop vac

Puppy Care

blankets, towels, sheets, &c.
carpet squares
puppy shampoo
puppy food (Kirkland brand from Costco, or Healthwise)
puppy toys (used is fine as long as they are clean)
food and water dishes, preferably that can clip to the side of a kennel
water bottles (rabbit-cage size)
Polar fleece

heating pads
laundry detergent
dish soap
crates/kennels of any size
gift certificates to any pet store, Costco or Sam’s Club

Bring these supplies to the SCSPCA at 2200 Peabody Rd. in Vacaville, or donate online. For further information, call 707.448.7722 or email.

[Ed. note: Of course, give your conscience; if you aren’t comfortable donating non-vegan items, choose other things! It’s most important to help out these poor, sick, little baby puppies, right? Of course it is.]

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