The Trader Joe’s in BERKELEY isn’t stocking vegan items!? Let’s talk at them!  »

So, word on the street is employees of the Trader Joe’s at University and Martin Luther King Jr. in Berkeley have told several people that they don’t stock vegan items because they don’t “earn” their shelf space in the store, which is why a lot of our favorites are sadly not there. Come on, how is that freaking possible? I object! 

I think all people who shop at that store or might ever shop at that store (East Bay vegans WHAT!) should write to TJ HQ or drop by the store in person to fill out a suggestion card to request they begin re-stocking a greater variety of vegan items. Right?!

You don’t even have to send an email, they have an easy-peasy form where you can just be like, “More vegan items in Berkeley, please and thank you. Pretty pease let me know when I can expect to see these items back in the store. I Also, you are so pretty, Trader Joe’s! Signed, Laura P.S. Love that Fearless Flyer!” This example works for several reasons: You’re politely making yourself heard, asking for what you want, requesting a response, and perhaps most importantly, letting TJ’s know that, hey, you are attracted to them, and that makes a person/corperation feel good! Plus, you complimented their work on the Fearless Flyer,* which I can honestly say is my favorite magazine. DONE AND DONE!

Now, email! Or stop by! Make it hap’n, cap’n!

Finally, let’s enjoy the TJ’s video that everyone loved so much in 2009:

*Groupon totally gaffled their lame-ass voice from TJ’s Fearless Flyer. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!


Ike’s Place may be coming back to 16th Street! With your help!  »

Looks like Ike’s Place is closing in on a new and permanent location, and they need your help making it real. You might remember 2010’s Ike’s Place eviction drama, leaving Ike’s homeless, until local Castro straight bar Lime took them in on a temporary basis. But let’s face it, mixing the white pants blind-before-breakfast crowd with low blood sugar Dirty Sauce junkies has never been a sustainable arrangement.

Ike’s Place hopes to move in to their new location at 3489 16th Street on January 2nd, and they can do it with your help:

On December 16th at 10:30am, show up to the San Francisco Planning Commission meeting at City Hall, Room 400, and voice your opinion. If you’ve never been to a Planning Commission meeting, it’s really easy. Just wait around until your issue comes up, then when they open up the floor for public comment, go up to the mic and say that you’re in favor. You don’t need a suit or a prepared speech; this isn’t CSPAN.

Can’t make it on the 16th? Here’s something easier you can do instead. But you have to do it by the end of today. Send an email to Sharon Lai at, and tell her you support Ike’s Place moving in at 3489 16th Street. It’ll take 15 seconds.

The new location will be 3500 square feet, which is seven times bigger than their previous hole-in-the-wall. So, the new neighbors will be hard-pressed to find anything to complain about. Who knows, they might even support having Ike’s below them as their own personal pantry. I know I would.


Take a QUICK survey and/or send an email to keep hunting down in California!  »

This is the last day to do this so please, please, please take a minute. It’s a very real possibility that many of the game refuges in California will be delisted and opened to hunting. If you can, please take this survey or send an email (emails carry more weight and only take a moment!) and say that you emphatically oppose the delisting of California game refuges! Let’s not let this happen, and the best way to do that is to send smart, polite emails TODAY! You’re all the best!



Dream of opening a vegan restaurant in SF? NOW IS THE TIME, SLACKERS!  »

According to SF Gate, in 1987, San Francisco banned new restaurants on Noe Valley’s 24th Street because residents felt they were losing local shops to eateries that drove up rents and caused traffic jams. Well bitches, that shit done happened anyway and yet, about 15 storefronts sit vacant (or basically decrepit and filled with extreme right-wing INSANITY) and the babies of Noe Valley demand eateries! NOW HERE’S THE MILLION DOLLAR IDEA. Wait for it. 

OPEN A VEGAN RESTAURANT (or 15!) in this health skinny conscious neighborhood! These fools will fall over backwards for delicious, nutritious vegan food (WITH A KID’S MENU THIS IS KEY) that will satiate their entire family plus maids (if they’re a Benevolent Ruler). And since these fools are all richie riches, you can hike the prices up and perhaps even survive in this hostile environment.

I’ll be real withchu, as a vegan who lived in Noe Valley Of The Dolls, it was HARD TIME for eatin’. There are very few vegan friendly establishments on the street and hardly anywhere tasty period. If you get something good in there, you could attract the locals and perhaps even all the scroungy vegans in the mission who need a classy date spot. Seriously, we’ll love it. Now is the time to get in there and give the babies what they want! You can do it! Please do it! FOR THE LOVE OF BABIES!

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