Here’s a commercial from Animals Australia about factory farming. The video is 11+ minutes but the commercial is at the beginning in the very first two minutes (it’s for movie theaters, there’s a shorter version for TV). It’s kind of the craziest thing I’ve ever seen…but I’ll admit, it totally made me tear up. Nothing too graphic, just, like, bittersweetness. Though the rest of the video may be more upsetting.

They are trying to get this commercial to run on TV all over (the world?) tonight! You can help by donating on Now, tell the truth, did you cry?


Mayim Bialik is a young vegan mom doing her thing!  »

Above is a new PETA ad starring fabulous vegan Mayim Bialik. It’s pretty cute. Here’s a little interview to go along with it:

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Go Blossom! Do the damn thing, girl. As you know, she’s coming out with a vegan cookbook soon. It’s said to be very family-oriented. I like this whole vegan-family schtick she’s got going! Do we have other stars like that? Stars that are all about vegan family values? Vegan Family Values sounds like a really terrible public access TV show. Unless it was all about piglets cuddling babies, that’s solid gold.

But yeah, we should be promoting veganism as a whole family thing, not a get-skinny-quick-for-your-next-movie-role thing or an “oh, the idealism of youth,” thing.


Dude, this commercial is so great. Before everyone bitches about how Silk is wack and Dean Foods is the worst, I just want to say 1) I AGREE OKAY? and 2) Still, this shit is just good for veganism. It makes cow’s milk look gross, which it is, and makes almond milk look delicious, which it is. And I kinda want to get in a sexy sandwich with those two dudes, especially the one who looks like Weiner Dog. He’ll be both breads and I’ll be the ranch dip and marshmallow fluff. SANDWICHES DONE RIGHT.

Anyway, I’m not one for the ad beat, that’s all my girl Megan Rascal, but I’d say this is advertising done right, and so let us SPREAD ITS GOSPEL, MAD MEN-STYLE.*

*I think that means we sleep with it and don’t do our jobs and get drunk. I like!


You know me, always on the ad beat! We’ve been following BBDO San Francisco’s awesome anti-puppymill ads for the SF SPCA and here’s possibly the best one yet. It’s a great mix of funny, educational, and macabre. How great is the dog’s depression face? Only second to the depression face every dog in a cone collar makes. 

One guy in the comments on SF Egoist is like, “yeah but it’s not the puppies’ fault they were born in a puppy mill! They should get homes too!” Yeah, dummy, after the SPCA raids that mofo and takes all the mommies out of there. But really, of course all dogs deserve a home, truth is though that millions of dogs aren’t going to get one. The dogs in shelters deserve homes too and getting one there happens to fund rescue efforts instead of more animal torture and overpopulation. So, there’s that.


This video is eleven times cray! It’s pretty awesome but I can’t help but worry for the kitty. It’s all movie magic, right? Please? My Mitsy don’t like to be thrown around too much. But when I’m holding her and she wants to get down, I might toss her on the bed or something. The best part is the head-shots anyway though, right? Oh, George! I want to film Mitsy’s head and get to editing like yesterday.

I love the last line about “millions of viral videos waiting to be adopted,” genius. 


Aw, Magpie is such a good doggie name! This is a very sweet commercial. Dude, the whimpering noises like pretty much made me instantly tear up.

I always wonder what little Figgy was up to during his days on the streets. I can’t imagine much other than starving and being scared, as that’s the condition he was found in. Poor stray pups!

What do you think your rescued stray was up to during her/his street days? I’m hoping something like BatDog would be doing.

via Osocia, my favorite ad site (it’s all social awareness and nonprofit ads!). 


This ad is funny! You know me, on the ad beat again; and I gotta say, this is a cute video. And I totally learned the message: spay/neuter at four months. And that’s the point, right? To plant the message? They have another video that explains the majority of pet owners believe in fixing their pets, it’s just that many don’t realize their pet can get preggers so early. My vet said to spay my Mitsy at two pounds, but four months is a much more tangible deadline.

OMG Mitsy was so cute at two pounds! And she was a thug about her surgery. She came home from getting spayed like nothing happened and then totally ripped her pain-killer patch off. She was pulling at it and I kept trying to stick it back down, and then she just totally ripped it off, pulling fur out and all! She was like, “sheeeet, I don’t need no pain killers!” Straight thug. 

Now we need a series that targets male pet owners who have male pets and have some weird hangup about snipping their pet’s nads. I’m like, dudes, grow the eff up!


Lush’s new anti-animal-testing campaign is more powerful, less exploitative than PETA  »

Via Ecouterre, we learn of this shocking new ad campaign from Lush, meant to make explicit the horrors of animal testing by using a LIVE (simulated) NUDE GIRL in place of the non-human animal subject. This window display, featuring vegan performance artist Jacqueline Trades, debuted at Lush’s Regent Street store in London on April 25. It coincides with this Fight Animal Testing site and European Union-centered petition.

What does your Vegansaurus think about it? We’re divided!

Meave says:
It’s very PETA, no? I find it significantly less obnoxious than those “Sexxxy ladies in lettuce-leaf bikinis” or whatever outfits for PETA. This is more freak ‘em out than make ‘em want to fuck you, which is appropriate, because animal testing is horrific and should be treated as such. I take issue with the subject of the testing being a nearly naked woman. The female body is 100 percent commodified in Western society, and I don’t think that this campaign recontextualizes it enough to desexualize it, which is to say, as awful as the tests the “scientists” are simulating performing on her, I see “naked lady” before I see “human-as-animal test subject,” and that bothers me.

I wonder how much PETA has ruined the shock value of substituting a human body for an animal’s. PETA uses conventionally attractive (by Occidental standards) female bodies in varying states of undress for essentially every campaign; is it PETA’s fault now I can’t look at this girl without thinking about all the meat-eating, leather-wearing celebrities in the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” posters, or women wearing only saran wrap? I hate animal testing, but I also hate the exploitation of any body. On the other hand, how many of the products I slap on my face every day exploited animal bodies before they got to my makeup case?* Because you worked with a performance artist, I think you do win this one, Lush. Sign the petition!

Jenny says:
This is pretty horrific, but in an avant-garde kind of artsy way. I mean, just looking at these images is grossing me out, but I can’t stop. Oh those activists, always putting themselves on the line for their causes. And hey, look how much attention and signatures it garnered (nearly 200,000 as of Wednesday night)! Yep, here’s the deal — I’m into it. As long as I don’t have to be the one in the store window, yo.

Isn’t it crazy how art will bring out such intense emotion?! Isn’t it great to really FEEL something? So tell us, what do you guys think? How does this make you feel?

*Actually none, I am a careful makeup consumer.


Part two of the SF SPCA’s anti-puppy mill campaign!  »

Remember when Megan gave you the heads up about the new SF SPCA anti-puppy mill campaign? Well, part two has been unveiled in downtown San Francisco, and is available for you to see until Friday afternoon!

Krista Maloney of the SF SPCA says, “We’ve installed a ‘puppy bin’ in the highly trafficked plaza at the intersection of Sacramento and Drumm streets, near Embarcadero Center. The bin looks like a typical newspaper stand, except the glass front is a video of puppies. Within the bin is The Canine Tribune, featuring articles about puppy mills. It will remain there until 3 p.m. on Friday, May 4.”

This is a brief video of reactions of passersby as they check out the puppy bin.

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Go see it for yourself, on your lunch break or something!

You can see that Megan Rascal’s Figgy is concerned. Those puppies are his peeps, yo!  He would go see the campaign himself, but he’ll have to settle for the video, as he resides on the East Coast [though he says hi to his BBDO SF homie Ian!].


SF SPCA starts new campaign against puppymills and we like it!  »

The SF SPCA has a new anti-puppymill campaign and it’s pretty cool so far, and they promise more cool stuff to come! They’ve partnered with ad agency BBDO to create this great fake puppymill ad. I know some nice BBDO people in their New York office; this is the same agency that ingeniously autocorrects monkeys out of their writers’ scripts.

This campaign was inspired by some sad discoveries the SF SPCA made:

A recent SF SPCA survey of San Francisco dog owners showed that buying online was the number-one place where people got their dogs. The survey showed that approximately 30 percent of puppies purchased in San Francisco are from puppy mills. 51 percent of those who purchased dogs online would not knowingly purchase from a puppy mill, yet 19 percent don’t know about puppy mills; hence the need for education.  

Jeez louise. Puppymills are so depressing. I’m worried my Figgy came from a one but I have no idea. He was a purebred-looking stray in Pennsylvania—home of the Amish puppymill industry. As you probably know, if they don’t sell them as puppies, puppymills have no use for male dogs. The females can be turned into baby-machines, but the boys? Why spend effort and money taking care of bunch of male dogs you brought into the world when one or two can impregnate all the girl dogs on their own? They usually just kill the extra males (and we’re not talking euthanasia!), but maybe Fig broke free and set out on his own. Totally Fivel of him. 

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