Stop eating eggs! For Little Miss Sunshine’s sake!  »

Meet Little Miss Sunshine from Animals Australia.

Animals Australia has a funny campaign, "That ain’t no way to treat a lady" about egg-laying hens. It’s a cute little play on gender roles. You can see the commercials on the link above but I like this sweet video about Little Miss Sunshine! Look at her looking in the mirror! So silly! I love her!

So what do you say, omnis and vegetarians? Maybe a living being is more important than breakfast?


Play this computer game, save some animals!  »


Fancy Pants, a digital agency my dear brother knows, made this cute holiday-themed game that actually helps animals! When you win the game (I didn’t get it at first, took me a 2nd try but then I won), they will donate $5 to the World Society for the Protection of Animals to help animals effected by Typhoon Haiyan!

Before some joker says it, yes, they could just directly donate the money without people having to play a game BUT doing something like this brings so much more awareness to the cause! And makes helping animals more fun. So play! Share! Play again! Share again! And so on and so forth etc.

Oh, there’s also a steak at some points. But it’s a cartoon steak. But I’m sorry anyway. 


Superstar pets of Instagram encourage you to adopt a new best friend!  »

Megan Rascal here, on the ad beat. This is a few weeks old but so cute. It’s all my favorite internet pet stars doing a spot for Best Friends Animal Society! Of course Lil Bub is on there and a little pal I newly followed on Instagram, Tuna! Here’s Tuna ready for the holidays:

I love when famous animals use their popularity to help other animals! This pro-bono campaign comes to us from TBWA\Chiat\Day in LA. You go, ad peeps!


Pet condoms: the latest weapon against overpopulation!   »

imageThe SF SPCA cracks me up again with more excellent advertising. Thoughts?


"Honest Scarecrow" by Funny or Die. 

Several people suggested Vegansaurus might want to post that Chipotle scarecrow commercial. I was like…you’re cray. All my advertising friends were immediately taken with the vid and posting it all over fb and I was just like…you’re cray. How can anyone take this seriously? Sorry bros, Chipotle is not some caring, anti-big ag corporation. I like Chipotle, I won’t lie, but come on. Don’t be silly.

Then, finally, one of my ad peoples (Yay Pete Johnson! Speak the truth!) posted this Funny or Die parody. Please, let it knock some sense into the world. 


Marketing those one-of-a-kind mutts!  »


I’m pretty sure this translates to Bordercocker fire tail. One of the many unique “breeds” you’ll find at the Territorio de Zaguates shelter in Costa Rica. 

Territorio de Zaguates found that while interest in adopting was up, many people didn’t want “mutts.” Agency Garnier BBDO took a new approach to this by marketing these mutts as new one-of-a-kind breeds! 

See more pics of the pups and process here!


PETA continues its quest to be the weirdest pro-vegan organization on earth—not that there’s a lot of competition, but definitely it’s steep—with PETA Europe’s sexxxxy sexxxxxxxy animals-doin-it video promoting the “bigger sexual appetite” of us vegans.

Maybe it’s spring and all the pigeons out are strutting for each other, but I’m not in immediate hate with this thing. What do you guys think? Puerile and great, or just puerile?


Here I am, on the vegan ad beat again! This time, we have a wacky spot from Silk by agency EVB. I haven’t tried Silk Iced Latte yet, have you? Is it good? I’m not one for iced coffee but it’s about to be summertime. Hot weather makes people go all sorts of cray. Once I start sweating, who knows what I might do! Drink iced lattes! Take a cab five blocks! Hole up in my air-conditioned apartment watching DeadZone on Roku and going straight-up Todd Oldham on the walls with potato stencils and hot-pink paint!


Here’s a brand new commercial from Mercy For Animals. It launches today in NY, Chicago, and LA on MTV, VH1, and Bravo, and then also nationwide on HULU. 

Say word? MTV, VH1, Bravo and HULU? That’s a big deal! What do you think? Is it good enough to represent us on the mainstream stage? Will it turn-off meat eaters or open some minds? Furthermore, do you think advertising in the mainstream media is a necessity or could it be bad for the veggie and AR movements? Or what? Discuss!


Is the world scared of veganism?  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Came upon this video from the Vegan Society recently and I got to say, I’m into it. I know lots of people get touchy when you compare animal suffering to human suffering, but it’s not really comparing the suffering, it’s juxtaposing radical ideas and societal movements people said were improbable or downright impossible. I know it’s also comparing injustices, but it’s not saying such and such is a greater injustice than something else. It’s just like, a faction of people opposed this and were actually able to change things.

People often can’t seem to understand that kind of thing though. It’s like my example* I’ve given in the past, about how it feels to be vegan in an omni world:

They get mad AT ME for being vocal about my veganism, and I’m like, OK, what’s something that actually upsets you? How about sex trafficking? What if sex trafficking was in your face every waking hour and everyone you know and love isn’t just compliant, they are standing in a line leading out of the brothel eagerly awaiting their turn.

I told this to a (very smart) omni friend and she was like, I don’t think that’s a good example to gain empathy from omnis because people will reject the idea that animal suffering is the same as human suffering. I’m like…? I didn’t say the SUFFERING was the same or even similar, I didn’t say anything about suffering at all. I was relating the experience of opposing animal suffering in a indifferent world to something I think most omnis actually do strongly oppose, i.e. sex trafficking. How does that message not make it through? It’s not like I’m calling factory farms the animal holocaust, I’m trying to relate two experiences to build understanding. Sigh.

*Self-quoting is the new reading.

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