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A loud and proud vegan since 2009, Jackass star Steve-O stormed out of a Celebrity Go Kart Tournament benefiting the American Diabetes Association last weekend after discovering the meat-laden catering menu. Steve-O was lined up to compete before he learned about the impending lunch, but left angrily before the race could even begin, asking some of the children in attendance if they wanted to take his driver’s seat for the competition.

In true Steve-O form, not pulling any punches, he voiced his outrage with a woman from the Children’s Hospital on his exit: “I came here because I thought this was about promoting a plant-based diet as diabetes prevention, and they’re serving meat here—so I’m outta here. It’s like serving alcohol at an AA meeting,” said Steve-O, who has publicly battled substance abuse issues in the past, “It’s kind of an outrage to me…it’s stupid.” Not surprisingly, the ADA has shrewdly responded with ‘claims’ and ‘opinions’ suspiciously void of fact: “There’s no rule that you can’t eat meat if you have diabetes—every person is different, and should be on a meal plan that works best for them. Eating animal flesh isn’t necessarily bad for diabetics.” How delightfully unspecific and uneducated of them.

Suffice to say, Steve-O is presumably too busy leading an active, healthy lifestyle to bother with any response. For the record, we are LOVING us some Steve-O as an educated, unlikely, and surprisingly AWESOME spokesperson for veganism.

[source: TMZ. Steve-O photo courtesy MrsJohnnyKnoxville on Flickr]

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