Lil Bub for the Humane Society of the US! Because HSUS and Bub want you to adopt a pal! As you should know, Lil Bub is a rescue and she couldn’t be more perfect. Who knows what other amazing creatures are out there looking for a home?! You could adopt the next ALF!


10 super adorable rescued farm animals to warm your heart!  »

Picture time! Here are some cutie-pie farm animals that were lucky enough to find a home at Farm Sanctuary. The animals in this post are all available for “adoption”—i.e. sponsorship—at Farm Sanctuary through their Adopt a Farm Animal Program.

So, without further ado, here are 10 super adorable rescued Farm Sanctuary animals!

Wait, wait, a little more ado: As my dad always says, “It’s not a contest, Megan!” but come on, it kind of is. So let’s all pick our favorite! Who’s the cutest? I think I’m voting Joey…











I think sponsoring animals is a very cute gift if you know someone with too much stuff. Which is a lot of people. Or if you have a little niece or something? That would actually be fun, they get a picture and certificate and all that. Kids like that stuff. Like I always say, kids are nerds! At least until 11 or 12. I also think an animal sponsorship is a great replacement for like a class pet or something—get the whole class a cow! Because class pets are such a terrible idea. And each Farm Sanctuary “adoption” comes with a personal sponsorship certificate, a color photograph, a decal, and a VIP tour to meet your sponsored animal. How awesome would that be for a class?! And the sponsorship provides food, shelter, and care a rescued animal—teaching the kids compassion and all that! So if you want to sponsor one of these babies, head over the Farm Sanctuary’s site


Superstar pets of Instagram encourage you to adopt a new best friend!  »

Megan Rascal here, on the ad beat. This is a few weeks old but so cute. It’s all my favorite internet pet stars doing a spot for Best Friends Animal Society! Of course Lil Bub is on there and a little pal I newly followed on Instagram, Tuna! Here’s Tuna ready for the holidays:

I love when famous animals use their popularity to help other animals! This pro-bono campaign comes to us from TBWA\Chiat\Day in LA. You go, ad peeps!


Sweet chihuahua pair in NYC looking for forever home!  »


Carol, who has been fostering the two sweet, 6-year-old chihuahuas for six weeks now says that while they are frightened by a lot of things, they have been good with children and all sorts of people they’ve met and never showed any aggression towards them. More info from the Craigslist post:

Rescued from a puppy mill and now looking for a forever home: Esmeralda and Tabitha. They are 6 year old spayed females, loving and still a bit shy from their ordeal. They must be together, this is a 2 dog package.
I am fostering them until an excellent home can be found. A home where they can walk without the noise of traffic would be ideal. They can be adopted from “Social Tees Animal Rescue.” If you are looking for real love, please fill out an online application to adopt Esmeralda and her best friend Tabitha at





What a cute pair! Please consider adopting these pups or help spread the word until we find them a home. These babies need our help! They want a forever home!


Cutie Chihuahua up for adoption in Bay Area!  »

Winnie is currently being fostered in Oakland but would like a forever home of her own! I love her big ol’ ears! Details:

I am fostering a little 4-pd chihuahua through A Leg Up Rescue, a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from life-threatening situations. All of these companion animals were either in danger of being euthanized in animal shelters, neglected or abused, or taken from the public (when space permits) so they are not bounced around to different homes or collected and sold to research labs by “bunchers.”

The dogs name is Winnie and she is a very sweet, loving 1 year old puppy who was abandoned in a cardboard box outside a shelter in Monterey. I am fostering her in Oakland and hoping to find her a forever home! She loves walks outside just as much as snuggling deep in the covers. She is great with my other dog, so she would definitely be OK in a multipet home.

Contact Kate if you want to know more/adopt Winnie!


Two super sweet kitties in NYC need a new forever home!  »


We have a bad allergy/asthma case that has made it necessary to re-home these two cuties. Jackson is 3 years old and Spencer is 5. Both are fixed and up to date with shots. A brief description:

Jackson and Spencer are the sweetest cats in the world. If you or anyone you know wants a cat that will not ignore you and be aloof, these guys are for you! (especially jackson, the most love hungry creature ever made). 

I know everybody wants a kitten but adopting adult cats means you know their personality! Kittens are a crap shoot! And two kitties are supposed to be easier to take care of than one (they entertain each other!). If you or anyone you know is interested, contact me: And spread the word!



This little rescue kitty has the best hats!  »

A famous internet dude I’ve never heard of makes these little construction paper hats for his three-legged rescue kitty Maxwell! I don’t know why it matters that Maxwell is three-legged but they keep mentioning it. I guess so you’re not surprised when you see a pic where you can tell he’s missing a leg. Dang, three-legged animals just without fail make my heart swell. You too?

More hats!:

He makes some hats for his other kitty too. But who cares about a four-legged kitty! JK. So is this Wonder Woman or some anime thing I don’t know about?:


Chihuahua and pit bull dream team still looking for their forever home!  »

We wrote about these guys last year and looks like they still have not found their true home. I know it’s hard to think about taking in two dogs but I hear it’s actually often easier to have two dogs because they entertain each other. But here’s their story, it’s too sweet:

Nina and Dutch, otherwise known as “The Odd Couple” are a bonded pair that must be adopted together. Both are five years old, crate-trained, friendly, great with cats and dogs. They are being fostered in Pittsburgh, PA but they will go to wherever their perfect home is. Both are vegan dogs, Natural Balance.

Originally, Nina came from a horrific abuse situation in MS, and Dutch was a neglect case from GA. They met in foster care 4 years ago and it was love, love, love. Here’s the dynamic between this seemingly unlikely duo…Nina is a pitbull and is quite meek and shy. She can be found cuddling on the couch and being mushy with those that she knows best. Dutch is a chihuahua who makes sure that no one messes with her best friend! She is Nina’s right hand bodyguard, and her fierce protector. We don’t mean this to say she attacks when someone pets Nina! However, Dutch is protective of Nina with other dogs, though in a sort of Ren and Stimpy kind of way! It’s nothing that a few small corrections doesn’t stop.

They are accustomed to living with cats and are currently in a foster home with three other dogs. Both are very dog friendly. Nina needs a little help being assertive, as she can be a bit of a doormat to other dogs. Dutch, on the other hand, is very assertive and usually picks up where Nina leaves off! Both LOVE to go for walks and cuddle. Nina takes some time and patience to warm up, and is fearful of small children. Her foster family has a 5 yo child that she is warming up to nicely, but Nina naturally gets scared of the unfamiliar. These girls are not difficult, but because of their unique combination of traits, we want them to be in a house that is pretty dog savvy. They were given up after three years due to circumstances of their owner; it was not a reason that related to the dogs. These girls are TRULY a one in a million pair, and thus, we are looking for the special home.

Please feel free to email vegan28@gmail.comif you would like to talk more with their foster mom. Nina is just about the beautiful girl you have EVER seen and we get compliments wherever we go on how gorgeous and sweet she is. Dutch is a little prancing spitfire, a true diva, but not a whiny one! Thanks for looking!

And just look at these goofballs!:

So if you or anyone you know would at all consider taking in this pair, please contact the foster!


Little abused dog on death row just wanted to be loved  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Here’s another bittersweet, heartstring-tugging video from Hope for Paws. It’s a few years old but it’s new to me. I could watch videos from this site all day. If I wanted to have puffy cry-y eyes at work! Really though this makes me so sad. I understand that a lot of dogs have to be euthanized, because what the hell do we want people to do with them? There’s just too many to take care of. But the idea that a dog like Chase could be euthanized after years of abuse, never knowing what it’s like to be loved or even treated nicely? Heartbreaking. It’s like, were they born just to be abused and die? And so many of the dogs in these videos are the kinds of dogs people pay thousands of dollars for, when dogs like Chase are waiting, scared and alone in shelters. So senseless.


Adopt and foster animal victims of Sandy  »

This is Penny (ID#A0949842)Are those not the saddest eyes? From Gothamist:

Animals have not been immune to the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought upon the city this week. And of course, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong this week to cause a sudden surge in homeless animals: Animal Care & Control web servers have been down since the storm, local shelters have lost power, and there has been a lack of support from local chapters of National Animal Groups. So there are a lot of homeless kitties and lost doggies who desperately need you to adopt or foster them, or else they’ll start being killed next week.

See Gothamist for more info. Help if you can!

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