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Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet DayI think this is my new favorite holiday! On this the holiest of days, Petfinder wants you to spread the word online: Adopt! You can get a cool badge like me if you want and add it to your own blog or website.

I’m glad we’re talking about adopting because people buying dogs has really gotten to me lately. Listen to this: my friend’s family had a really skittish dog; they said he was skittish because he was SHIPPED FROM AUSTRALIA when he was too old. This dog was shipped at 10 weeks instead of eight weeks or whatever. I guess the idea is that if you ship the puppy when it’s young enough, they aren’t conscious enough to remember the ordeal. The dog was a special Australian “doodle” of some sort and I guess they just had to have one of these dogs even though that’s completely insane. But what would you have them do?! Get an AMERICAN doodle?! Rubbish!

Oh and get this: the breeder doesn’t even live in a major city so the puppies have a five-hour truck ride before they even get to the airport. Nice. This dog was super-duper permanently skittish and jumpy because of this ridiculous trip. Sadly, the dog was hit by a car a few months ago and died. He was a good dog and it was very sad. But then IMMEDIATELY my friend’s parents go to contact the Australian breeder so they can get one of their deceased dog’s family members! I couldn’t believe! You see firsthand how this insane journey emotionally scars your dog and you want to do that to another puppy? People are crazy!

Meanwhile, millions of dogs are put to sleep every year here in the U.S. because there are still nut-ass people buying dogs instead of adopting. Go figure.

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