New York Area: Sweet Roscoe is having a rough time at the shelter, needs a home!  »

This handsome fellow is Roscoe! He’s at the Shandaken shelter, which seems to be about 2.5 hours from NYC. I got an email about this guy because, though he’s at a no-kill shelter and not endanger of euthanasia, he’s having a hard time:

Roscoe has been at the Shandaken shelter for a long time. His life is not in danger, since it’s a no-kill shelter, but his sanity is. He’s lonely, and he’s been kenneled so long he’s starting to get a little “cage crazy.” The Shandaken shelter doesn’t get the kind of foot-traffic that they get in NYC or other busy places. And Roscoe is a bit aloof when people first meet him (can you blame him?), so he doesn’t immediately win them over, and they move on. But I’m told that he’s a real sweetheart once you spend time with him. He just needs a chance to show it!

Aw, poor guy! Do you know anyone who could help Roscoe? Homeboy needs to spread his wings and fly! His profile says he loves to play and that the volunteers play hide and seek, fetch, and catch with him! It also says he’s very smart. And look at that pretty coat!

If you or anyone you know can help Roscoe, please call the shelter at (845) 688-5004. Roscoe deserves a home!


These two fox terrier-mix puppies need homes! Can you help?  »



How cute are these babies? Pro tip: SO CUTE! They are at the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in Stockton, CA and they need homes! Lena and Lewis both have petfinder pages. The brother and sister were found sad and dirty on a country road in Stockton in October. Lena is lively and gentle and likes getting hugs (OMG!). Lewis is a “miniature athlete with a winning heart of gold,” and is looking for some nice active humans. They sound so cute! They LOOK so cute! Someone out there must be looking for cute puppies like these. If you can’t adopt them, maybe you know someone who can? Send this around to your friends and family! Post it on Facebook! These guys deserve homes and every little bit helps!

If you want more info or want to meet Lena and/or Lewis, contact Lena at

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