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On Thursday night at “Vegan Glamour in Designers of the Future,”* Olsenhaus presented a brand-new shoe to add to the label. Why a party for just one shoe? Because the designer, Pratt Institute student William Cherwin, won a challenge to create a shoe for Olsenhaus! And isn’t it gorgeous?

Yes, it is lovely, and totally on-point for spring ‘11. Man I love an ankle strap, but we do not all of us have the narrowest ankles, making a thinner ankle strap unfortunately enthicken the ankle it is strapping. A nice thick ankle wrap, like this one here, however, neatly covers all ankles thick and thin, so whether you’re bothered by your ankles or not—and for your sweet sanity’s sake JUST ACCEPT YOUR ANKLES AND MOVE ON, IGNORE MY INSANITY**—these will be terribly flattering shoes. Also, obviously, these shoes are completely vegan, made of sustainable materials, and part of the profits of their sales will be donated to Farm Sanctuary! Can’t argue with any of that. Not one bit of it.

We’ll be able to get our feet into these pretty pretty shoesies when Elizabeth Olsen releases her upcoming collection.

*Why don’t our parties have such good titles? I bet we could get 100 people to attend the dullest party ever if we named it really well.
**Please! All this ridiculousness about ankles! Thank the eras when ladies’ dresses stopped at the neck, wrists, and ankles, and gentlemen were forced to focus their ogling on very small areas of real estate. We should’ve all just been wearing unisex rompers the entire time, then at least we could’ve had equal-opportunity staring.

[photo via ecouterre]

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