So Necessary: the worst foot coverings in the world! Including leather socks and the most hideous Uggs yet!  »

My favorite thing about the fashion world is that they are always finding innovative and impressively degenerate uses for animal carcasses. So here I am, back with more uggo and immorally expensive non-vegan fashion!

I mean, who DOESN’T need leather socks? Not only are they practical, but they definitely don’t make you look like a platypus. I imagine they are like little sweat-lodges for each foot—cozy! You guys, in some countries they don’t even have leather socks. They have to wear cloth socks. VOM. And at $219 a pair? These [dead] babies are priced to move. I can’t WAIT until they come out in kids sizes. A+ Rachel Comey! You go, girl. Give them what they never knew they wanted.

Guess what guys, I found some more awesome and inhumane socks for you! I’m the best. This pair of socks to the right is $500 from Rodarte. You know what I love about these socks? Besides the price? You can’t wash them! Genius! Socks you can’t wash. See, they are made from alpaca wool and angora. Angora comes from BUNNIES, yall; cute-ass bunnies like Nuage from Vegansaurus favorite Potentially Nervous. From what I understand, an angora rabbit owner can comb out hair when they molt or give a gentle haircut to their bun, but commercial angora production is very different. There’s factory farms, ripped-out hair, and ulcerated feet. Check out this video of what they say is an SPCA-approved shearing method in New Zealand. Um, that may be the kindest in commercial angora production but that video makes me really uncomfortable. I mean, I wouldn’t get on a limb stretcher like that without a safe word. And daddy issues. It’s effed.

What I’m really jazzed about, though, are these totally sweet Uggs! Jimmy Choo has joined forces with Uggs to create their new line, “Crimes Against Humanity.” Well that’s not the name of the line, but it should be. They should form a UN task force that exclusively addresses these atrocities—atrocities that clock in at a mean $595.

I have two comments on Uggs in general: under no circumstances should they ever be worn—Uggs are trashy and make you look like a 13-year-old mallrat from 2005, and there’s a world of snow boots out there, dive in;  second, SHEARLING is FUR: pass it on. People don’t seem to understand this. I’m not going to say people are dumb, but: people are kind of dumb. It’s the skin of a sheep with the wool attached; that’s fur, brainiac. If you don’t wear fur, don’t wear shearling.

That’s all for So Necessary today! Way to be, fashion. Stay pretty!


A million recipes, a whole bunch of videos, some adorable (rescued!) animals, another fruit in a cute shape AND MORE: Friday link-o-rama!  »

The Cute Show visits an alpaca farm. It is unsettling to hear the farm children talk about the little creatures in terms of fleece quality, but I advise ignoring them and focusing on the unbearable squeezeability of the alpacas. Look at their furry little legs and their fuzzy heads! Look at the little bitty blue-eyed deaf one! It’s only four days old you can pick it up and snuggle it LOVE YOU ALPACAS.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau makes the best tuna salad and quesadillas you’ll ever eat: the kind without tuna or cheese! Yes, really. Instructional video and recipes here.

WAY better than the heart- and star-shaped cucumbers: buddha-shaped pears! Will someone in Europe please send us some? Label them “trinkets” or whatever on the customs form, you KNOW how California is about importing produce. Dear state of California, we promise not to let these pears’ seeds come anywhere near your fertile soil.

There’s going to be a small, open-air fall farmers market just around the corner from the White House!

Activism had some effect! Remember how in The Cove, some of the dolphins were sold to aquariums, and the rest were murdered to be sold for meat? Well! Because of international pressure created by audiences of the film, the Japanese town responsible for this horror show has promised not to slaughter the dolphins in the season’s first “catch” (ugh). Instead, the people say they’ll release the dolphins they don’t sell live. Yes that’s still far from ideal, but it’s a huge improvement over mass murder.

San Francisco city Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi introduced an ordinance this week to prohibit the procedure known as declawing on cats. For all the nothing that our local government seems to accomplish, this little piece of legislation is at least a little compensation:

"…[D]eclawing and tendonectomy are inhumane procedures that cause pain, anguish and permanent disability to a cat, and frequently result in behavioral and personality changes in cats subjected to those procedures. The primary benefit of the procedures—the convenience of pet owners—is outweighed by the cruelty of the procedures. It is inappropriate to remove parts of an animal’s anatomy, thereby causing the animal pain and suffering, and restricting and altering its natural behaviors, simply to fit the owner’s lifestyle, aesthetics or convenience, without benefit to the animal."

We like our Board of Supes with a little righteous anger.

Make cheezy quackers with Celine of Have Cake, Will Travel! She’s adorable, they’re adorable, there is nothing not adorable (and delicious!) about this video.

The recipe for “Ultimate Vegan Hot Wingz” over at Vegan Dad looks too good! If I make these, don’t expect to get any! Just me and the hot wingz and LEAVE ME ALONE I’M STARVING.

Har har: Quarry Girl announces the release of their iPhone app, which allows you to just push buttons instead of talking to people. This is all you talk about anyway, right?

MORE DELICIOUS FOOD ALERT! Carrie at Map Mistress tells us how to roast perfect sweet potatoes (Hey! It’s almost fall! CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS SHIT IT WAS JUST NEW YEAR’S!) and I know this was mentioned before but VEGAN CHEDDAR CHEESE BISCUITS over at It’s Faturday. That truly calls for a what what in the butt shout out.

Eater SF has a few photos from inside Gracias Madre, the vegan nuevo Latino restaurant by the Cafe Gratitude people. It’s set to open in “late summer 2009,” which technically means anytime between now and Sept. 21. Who’s taking me when it opens? I will eat raw vegan nuevo Latino ANYTHING, especially with those Gratitude nut cheeses, they are the best.

Hey, it’s National Cholesterol Month. You know who has super-duper excellent blood cholesterol? Vegans! Oh yes. Encourage all your non-vegan friends and family members to get their cholesterol levels checked, while you eat dairy-free ice cream out of the carton, in front of them. Because usually you are good and can keep your smugness to a minimum, but no one’s perfect, and basically the NIH is asking you to rub your better health in everyone else’s face, so why not?

A box turtle with prosthetic limbs. There is nothing more sweetly pathetic on this earth. [via Cute Overload]

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