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Let me be real with you: I am not a fan of metal. Or jazz. Or any combination of the two (with the exception of Diamanda Galas. Shriek shriek shriek). I also don’t like new things. But I like Ani Kyd, and here’s why.

Kyd’s new EP Entangle is gorgeous. Kyd’s voice is strong and commanding, the soundscapes are lush (as in forest, not as in me on a Friday night), and the songs are memorable without being too catchy (this is a thing) or too cloying. I probably won’t be singing “it’s like a viruuusss” out loud at the grocery store (like that one time I sang Call me Maybe at Andronico’s because I thought it was on the radio but it was only on in the radio of my mind) but I am pleased when it comes into my head, reminding me to give the album another listen. I am also autopsied by how accessible the music is, especially considering how complex the sounds are and Kyd’s history of recording metal and jazz.

Don’t trust me? (That’s cool, no one does. I’m pretty shifty.) Take a listen for yourself.

Aside from creating an awesome EP (and Kyd has a pretty impressive body of work, otherwise. Check out Evil Needs Candy Too on iTunes), Kyd also hosts a vegan video series where she and her non-vegan (the horror!) co-host travel the country by motorcycle looking for the best vegan products. Yes! Let’s do this!

You can find the EP on iTunes. You can find Ani Kyd all over the world on a motorcycle!

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