Don’t let the Animal Humane Society turn you into an animal hoarder!  »

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Both Sarah and Megan submitted posts for this insanely sweet new PSA so I thought I’d post both because it’s Friiiiday and I’m feeling CRAZY! It’s a post-off!! post. off. POST. OFF. POST! OFF!!!

First, Megan:
What cats want, from the Animal Humane Society. I’m sorry but I love talking animals. Talking babies too. OK, I lied, I’m not sorry! Because thug means never having to say you’re sorry.

I wonder how many Vegansaurus readers have cats? Like is it a normal distribution similar to that of general society or is it like EVERYONE because we are vegans?

Now, Sarah:
CUTE OVERLOAD, Y’ALL. The new Animal Humane Society PSA, “I Want…,” is promoting kitty-cat adoption with adorable talking cats! Watch this 1 million times, and then go adopt every cat everywhere ever.*

*Just kidding—then there’d be no kitties left for me! I need all of the kitties because I am a kitty hoarder.**
**Kidding again! I swear!

Okay, both posts are equally awesome! POST-OFF TIE DECLARED! Kittens for everyone!

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