We need an Animal Protection Liaison  »

A what? An Animal Protection Liaison, as proposed by the Humane Society of the United States, would “work with the executive agencies and Congress to advance animal protection policies.” Simple, right? Yes!

HSUS has already written a Change Agenda for Animals, a set of 100 guidelines for improving the lives of our nation’s animals, both domesticated and wild; the APL would help ensure those guidelines are followed.

Look, this puppy gets the best care ever, I mean, he has damn hell ass Secret Service agents to protect him. And he is ONE SMALLISH DOG. What about dogs born in puppy mills? What about cows on feedlots? What about endangered animals? They need someone to protect them. All you have to do is sign this itsy bitsy little petition—it is one brief form—and HSUS will forward it to the president or whomever in his administration is in charge of receiving such things. Easy-peasy.

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