Fire departments get pet oxygen masks, because pets are people too  »

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The city of Denver just outfitted all its trucks with oxygen masks specially designed for pets. Now when a sexy firefighter saves your beloved Roxy from a burning building (so scary!), he or she can treat said animal companion for smoke inhalation without the ridiculous-looking proposition of trying to fit a human mask on a snout. Phew, dignity preserved all around.

I did some investigation (as in watching the above video and then Googling a bit), and found out that these new masks were donated to the fire department as part of a brilliant public relations stunt by a certain company that makes a certain invisible fence product. I have no opinion about the merits of their fence but I’m damn impressed with their public relations campaign that has the side effect of actually saving the lives of animals/four-legged family members. They’ve given out about 3,000 kits so far. More Googling reveals that other companies and individuals have bought kits for fire departments as well. Popular cause!

But omg, let’s not let this happy warm fuzzy moment pass without a take-home message, public-service-announcement-style:

  1. Does your fire department have kits like this? Does mine? Who knows, but it’s worth finding out! And if they don’t, your fire chief can request a donation from said PR campaign. Heck, maybe you’ll even get on the local news!
  2. You might as well take the time to send away for the ASPCA’s free pet safety pack which includes a sticker to put on your window to tell the sexy firefighters to go save your animal friend.

The Denver video just shows doggies, but the masks work on cats too. No word about bunnies, snakes, salamanders, or goldfish. Probably not that last one.

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