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Seriously, do it! A bunch of brave souls/fitness freaks are riding their bikes for the animals and all the money raised to sponsor them goes to the three amazing animal sanctuaries they’re riding through. It’s a nifty idea, and I like it! Since bike-riding terrifies both my face (my beautiful face!) and my laziness, I will not be there in person, but I will be there in pocketbook! That is, as soon as I get paid. When that happens, I am donating a large percentage of my paycheck to the ride. When you see how much I’ve given, you will once and for all understand exactly how fucking poor I am and then maybe, just maybe, you will buy me these FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T MAKE PEOPLE STARE AT MY FEET IN FLIP FLOPS ANY LONGER. Honestly, it’s another form of animal abuse if you choose to ignore me.

Now, I will let the good people of Ride to the Light properly explain how to get involved as that’s what I do these days. Trust me, it’s better than hearing my explanation which would most likely be: CHICKENS! BIKES! PIGS! MONEY! HELPING! TOGETHER! COWS!

The Ride to the Light is a bike ride to benefit Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Out To Pasture Sanctuary and Hope Animal Sanctuary. The 100-mile (century) bike ride is Saturday, Sept. 24.

We’re doing the route in reverse this year—leaving from Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio and riding to Out to Pasture in Estacada, then on to Portland for a cookout at Josh and Michelle Hooten’s house [Ed.: !!!!!!]. It’s gonna be great!

Come along for the ride or make a donation and help us reach (or even better, exceed) our goal of $15,000 for these three very worthy causes.

Contact Eric Phelps for more information via email or phone at (503) 664.0001. Please also check out our Facebook fan page to find out more about the ride, and follow us on Twitter @RideToTheLight for frequent updates.

If you’re interested in riding with us, please RSVP through our Facebook event page.


Kill me now. It’s BABY SLOTHS at a SLOTH ORPHANAGE. There’s no reason to ever watch cute animal videos ever again, because this is the end of the line, folks. Watch this now, then set fire to your computer. The internet no longer has a purpose.

[Ed.: Megan Rascal wrote this part while Steve was posting the video, so we thought, Let’s combine their powers and make a super-post!]

Can you stand it? Happy little baby sloths! But they weren’t always this happy; these poor guys are all from broken homes. They are like really, really slow Orphan Annies. These are all residents at the Aviaros Sloth Sanctuary, which was created to protect and rehabilitate the sloths of the Costa Rica. It’s a sloth orphanage, an education center and did I mention the SLOTHPITAL? That’s what they call their sloth hospital and I approve. Now for the best news: they have a little hotel in the middle of the sanctuary where you can actually stay and eat breakfast with the orphaned baby sloths! You’ll be eating your soy yogurt, they’ll be eating their soy yogurt—it’s a goddamn (non-racist) Disney movie! (it might still be racist, I don’t know, I’m not a scientist)

They also have a volunteer program where one of your duties is “sloth wrangling”—um, everybody say goodbye to Megan Rascal because I think I’ve found my calling! I can’t believe I spent all that time in “college” when I could have been “sloth wrangling.” WTF!

This video isn’t just adorable, there’s a neat story behind it too (that’s right, NEATO!). The video comes from frog-enthusiast Lucy Cooke. She is filmmaker traveling around Latin America in an effort to save struggling frog populations from a killer fungus. I did not make this up! But why is she taking pictures of sloths? She thought you might ask: “Well, I’ve realised that frogs have a bit of PR problem and are not as popular as they deserve to be given how diverse, funny and amazing they are. So I’ve decided to pimp out the sloths to try and save the frogs.” Pimping out Peter to pay Paul (that’s our new favorite phrase! Try using it in a sentence tomorrow)! You can read more about her project and about her trip to the sloth sanctuary on her blog.

Steve says: Wait, there’s a BLOG with more sloth videos? OK, internet. You might still have some life left in you after all.

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