The News You Need: Dog steals golfball, is hilarious  »

What a rascal! A funny dog totally stole golfer Paul Casey’s golfball, mid-game. 

The Englishman was 20 feet from the cup on his third hole Friday at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship when a dog ran onto the green and ran off with his ball.

OMG that is too hilarious. I love how he’s totally like, “Yoink! Got my ball! Later dudes!” and he’s out of there. Apparently, a spectator was able to catch the dog and retrieve the ball. Casey wasn’t penalized and they continued the game with that same ball (why?). That’s all for the News You Need!


Help save a sweet duck’s life!  »

From the good folks at Harvest Home Sanctuary:

Please extend a warm, fuzzy welcome to Pohono the Injured Duckling. Earlier this week, Pohono survived a nearly fatal hit & run incident in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area. This brave little bird arrived at our rescue and rehabilitation center in Stockton for special care a few hours ago. He is suffering from a serious leg injury and severe road rash. Specialists at the UC Davis Small Animal Hospital will provide emergency treatment for Pohono’s injuries. Please support Pohono’s urgent care by making a donation online.
In honor our Save-a-Life Endurance Trek this weekend in Yosemite, we’ve named our newest rescued duck after the strenuous half marathon path (The Pohono Trail) we will complete. Pohono’s bravery stands as an inspiration for our 13-mile high altitude adventure to raise $15,000 for our rescued animals’ veterinary fund.
Let’s help them raise that MONEY, HONEY! Ducks are fucking rad and Pohono needs our help! Plus, his name kinda sounds like, P HELL NO! Kinda!? 


2000 dolphins getting buck wild in southern California! Usually dolphins hang in pods of about a dozen so this is pretty amazing. Though my super secret source tells me it’s not unheard of:

Dolphins are social, living in pods of up to a dozen individuals. In places with a high abundance of food, pods can merge temporarily, forming a superpod; such groupings may exceed 1,000 dolphins. 

This looks more like a superDUPERpod to me! It’s totally like a dolphin Bar Mitzvah for the coolest dolphin in school. The social event of the season!


Turtles high-five! Awesomeness abounds. What a way to start the new year! 

I worry though, is this as jovial as it looks? Or are they maybe like slap-fighting? Don’t fight, turtles! I love you both!

Remember slap-fights? WTF was that about?


Inmates take care of homeless kitties! I’m a big believer in rehabilitation—which is totally not how our jails are designed—and I think programs like this could help. Puppies Behind Bars and other programs have proven very successful in terms of therapeutic qualities. I saw a TV show about a dog training program in a juvenile detention center and it was just awesome. The warden or whatever really believed in trying to rehabilitate the kids and saw the dog training as a great way to both instill discipline and open the kids up emotionally. One of the kids was saying that one of the hardest things he had to learn in the program was how to show affection. You have to show the dog affection for successful training but many of these boys had never had anyone treat them with affection. It was very interesting. Oh, and see what our Mark said about Operation Second Chance, it’s about more dogs with jobs! Behind bars! 


Ravens break up to make up  »

A new study shows that when ravens squabble, they totally make up afterward, if they are pals
. “Monitoring a group of seven captive ravens (Corvus corax), Orlaith Fraser of the University of Vienna in Austria and colleague Thomas Bugnyar found that pairs of birds were likely to be more friendly to each other if they had fought each other in the previous 10 minutes.”

Their fights sound pretty funny; apparently they “kick and chase each other.” Then they make up by sitting together, kissing and preening. This is only if they’re homies: “These are valuable partners who share food and support each other in fights,” ha! Total homies.

Scientists are pretty excited because they’ve seen this behavior in mammals but they didn’t know birds were like that. Ravens are all, “bitch, you don’t know me!”


News you need: kitty thief!

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch the amazingness! A cat in San Mateo is a total klepto! Are the children not having nightmares yet? I don’t care, I want a cute klepto cat!


This cat lives in a tree! Holy cannoli, I’m in love with a tree cat. The cat was actually born in the tree and then the mother brought all the kittens down EXCEPT little Almond here. Why? So sad. Luckily, Ron Venden, who lives by the tree, started taking care of the little kitty. He brings it meatloaf and built it a cute little shelter—a tree fort! Jealous. He even put a dry-food feeder up there! I know, you are like, “Um, it was a kitten, why didn’t he just pick it up and take it out of the dang tree?” But he says he’s tried a few times and Almond gets scratchy. Oh, that’s just like Almond! Silly tree kitty.


LA Times book review: Oogy!  »

In the Los Angeles Times yesterday I came across a review of this adorable book, Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love. The book is about a bait dog found outside Philly that was adopted by a loving family. Oogy the dog was found almost dead, with all kinds of injuries and without an ear. The animal hospital that found him was seriously considering putting him to sleep but this beat-up dog was so sweet, they couldn’t. They say, despite his injuries and the horrible way he’d been treated, he was giving out licks to everyone and wagging his tail all over the place. Jeez Louise, are dogs not THE BEST?

And guess what: Oogy is going to be a therapy dog!

Oogy’s triumph — not so much the lap-of-luxury life that he now enjoys, but his ability to overcome cruelty — has led Levin to begin training Oogy to become a therapy dog, particularly for those who are wounded and disfigured. “I believe that Oogy will be able to help those in need to understand that scarring, disfigurement, and trauma, whether physical or emotional, do not have to define who they are…. That no matter what has been inflicted upon them, love and dignity are attainable,” Levin writes.

The reviewer seems to only half like the book. She says it needs more doggie antics, and that “Oogy has loads of personality and charm to spare,” which they could feature a little more. I definitely like antics! But the book sounds really sweet anyway—not that I’m going to read it. Well, I’ll consider reading it but in the end, I probably won’t. See, I’m allergic to reading. It’s a terrible affliction but I’ve learned to deal. You guys, however, can totally read it and tell me what happens!


The news you need: Pug sings batman theme!  »

This pug plays old-school fanboy with the O.G. batman theme. God bless the world!

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