This cat lives in a tree! Holy cannoli, I’m in love with a tree cat. The cat was actually born in the tree and then the mother brought all the kittens down EXCEPT little Almond here. Why? So sad. Luckily, Ron Venden, who lives by the tree, started taking care of the little kitty. He brings it meatloaf and built it a cute little shelter—a tree fort! Jealous. He even put a dry-food feeder up there! I know, you are like, “Um, it was a kitten, why didn’t he just pick it up and take it out of the dang tree?” But he says he’s tried a few times and Almond gets scratchy. Oh, that’s just like Almond! Silly tree kitty.


The Uniqueness of Humans

“We are just a basic, off-the-rack mammal. … We’ve got the same basic building blocks and plumbing in there, but we use it in ways that are unprecedented.”

#1 This is a fascinating lecture.
#2 Look closely and it’s obvious this man is actually John Malkovich in a curly wig and fake beard.
#3 The lecture lamentably does not address this interspecies love story…errr…reprehensible behavior in chimps.

(via bstriddy! Thanks, Brant!)

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