Animals Asia sanctuary stays in Vietnam!  »

Animals Asia is the No 1. (if not only) organization that rescues and houses moon bears from the bear bile trade in China and Vietnam, while working to end that awful practice. We love them!

Last year Animals Asia’s $2 million, 29-acre Rescue Center in Tam Dao National Park was threatened with eviction by the Vietnamese government. But they worked it out, and can stay! “Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has concluded that the rescue center’s operation should be maintained, and that construction on the project’s second phase should continue,” said Communications Manager Maya Gottfried.

This is wonderful news not only for the 104 resident bears, but the 77 human employees of the center, as well as the tens of thousands bears being held and milked for their bile in China and Vietnam. Thanks, Vietnam! And thanks to Animals Asia for tireless work on behalf of the bears.

[Photos via Animals Asia]


Dashing and daring Animals Asia rescues two moon bear cubs from smugglers!  »

Wonderful news from Animals Asia: They’ve saved two moon bear cubs!

Two small moon bear cubs, confiscated from smugglers in North Vietnam, were rescued by our Vietnam team and successfully transported home to our Moon Bear Rescue Centre at Tam Dao National Park.

Negotiating flood-damaged roads extended the journey home to 12 hours, with stops every two hours to feed and check on the cubs.

Now happily ensconced in their very own den at the rescue centre’s Cub House, these lucky cubs may be just two of many being spirited across borders to feed the bile farm trade in China.

Get all the details at Animals Asia’s rescue diary. We’ll be here, swooning over the photos of these two fine gentleman.

If you want to support Animals Asia’s fight against the bear bile trade, check them out. They do wonderful work!

[Photos from Animals Asia]


Professor Paws presents Responsible Dog Ownership!  »

These children, who live in Guangzhou, China, are learning “how to make friends, with Professor Duoduo.” If I knew better, I would identify Professor Duoduo for you, but I like to imagine s/he is not one of the adult women pictured, but the shaggy dog standing between them. More canine tenure!

Responsible Dog Ownership was put on in June by Guangzhou Public Security Bureau got together with Animals Asia's Professor Paws, which is “a school-based dog education program designed to show that dogs are friends” that started in Hong Kong in 2004 and opened in Guangzhou in 2008. The PSB attended some Professor Paws courses, and suggested that the group put on a community-wide event, to educate adults as well as kids. “Promoting responsible dog care could reduce conflict between dog owners and non-dog owners, especially in Guangzhou where the number of dogs being kept by residents is increasing every year.”

Animals Asia says that the event went really well, though they didn’t provide specific information on attendance. The pictures make it look pretty charming, however.

Everyone learns to love dogs! Hooray!

[photos courtesy Animals Asia]


Beards for Bears: Get hairy, help bears!  »

Beards for Bears wants you to grow a beard and save bile-farm bears. It’s kind of like Movember but by Animals Asia for the poor bears being tortured on bile farms. I can’t believe I am only just hearing about this! It ends June 30th! We have to get going! 

The site is pretty awesome. I’m loving the design, very nice. And chicks can get involved too! Be a bear ambassador and get your homeboys to grow some beards! Or just donate to your favorite beard on the site. You can also buy some limited edition shirts to support the drive. 

Oh, last but not least, there’s an app! See how you’d look with a beard! Hilar.


New York has Yoga for Bears! Yes, really!  »

Animals Asia is a prime source of my bear news, so I’m pleased to inform you of an awesome-sounding New York event: Yoga for Bears!

Yeah, I said it. Unfortunately, it’s not what you’re thinking: Yoga for Bears does not feature bears doing yoga, but it’s the next best thing. The event kicks off with a full-length yoga class for all levels, followed by vegan lunch, and a talk and Q&A with Animals Asia. You’ll leave with all sorts of knowledge about how to get involved with Animals Asia and a rad T-shirt. Worth the $50 ticket price? I think so, especially since flexibility is a highly desired trait among soldiers in the bear army.

Yoga for Bears takes place at the Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City on Sunday, April 15, from noon to 3:30 p.m. Register here!


Dream big, rescued moon bears!  »

Remember this rescue? Pretty rad, right?

Here’s something else rad to build on that radness (rad-squared?): One of the rescued bears, named Dream, is making great progress at Animals Asia's Moon Bear Rescue Center in Vietnam. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, Dream had emergency surgery to fix her awesome bear mouth. Despite missing her left front paw and the right one being deformed and practically unusable, now she's all about eating, especially dried fruit and flavored water.

Bears! They’re just like us! Sending you all our get-well wishes (they’re better than other wishes because they are vegan), Dream and the rest of the bears! I’ll make sure the bear army has a bear infirmary, just in case.

[Photo credit: Animals Asia]


Fourteen moon bears rescued from bile farm; farmer vows to help end bile trade!  »

[The team transferring a bear for transport]

So, this is like, good news, but kind of gross? Fourteen moon bears were rescued from a bile farm in southern Vietnam, so that’s good, but they had a bunch of health problems indicating they might have been taken from the wild and trapped, so that’s gross. Not to mention that 40 bears are still imprisoned on that same farm.

We’ve talked about bile farming before. The main bullet point to take away from this presentation: It’s nasty. But apparently one of the owners of this farm, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Tien, realized the error of his ways and surrendered his share of the bears to Animals Asia rather than selling the bears. Now he’s encouraging other bile farmers to do the same. So, high-five to this guy!

Now the bears are hanging at the Animals Asia Moon Bear Rescue Center outside Hanoi. They’re recovering from fractured teeth, infected mouths, skin conditions, abdominal hernias, obesity, and probably internal damage from the bile farming practice. Go, bears, go! You’re needed in the bear army!

If you want to help, you can donate to Animals Asia’s bear rescue efforts or sponsor a bear!


Help save moon bears, get tasty Loving Hut noms in SF!  »

Do me a favor: Recall the plight of the moon bear. Then HURRY and write a $20 check to the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, and attend dinner at the Loving Hut at 524 Irving Street from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Monday, August 29. After dinner, you’ll be treated to a talk from Jill Robinson, founder and CEO of Animals Asia, and she might be accompanied by the organization’s Vietnam Director Dr. Tuan Bendixsen, so that’s cool.

I know you’re broke (me too!), but bring any extra money you have to throw their way to help save the bears. We just received word of this event yesterday, but reservations are needed by today. However, if you email or call Nancy Loewen at or 415-750-0614, like, NOW, you could probably still get on the list. DO IT.

[photo by Will Ellis via Flickr]

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