Life isn’t always terrible: handicapped Lebanese kittens adopted by Europeans!  »

It’s been a really awful weekend for news, capped by a Sunday-evening radio program about the likelihood of different apocalypse scenarios—if the nukes don’t kill use, the nuclear winter will—so imagine my joy when I came across this update from Animals Lebanon. Remember Animals Lebanon, the organization that saved Omega the chimpanzee from being a roadside attraction? I follow them on Facebook; they rescue so animals, they’re amazing.

Today they announced that four kittens that had all been found with serious injuries were off to their new homes in Europe. People really love kittens! Minoush here had been “hit by a car and left on the side of the road for days,” and had a fractured pelvis. She’s since been adopted by “a nice lady in Holland” who is going to get her the veterinary care she needs to be able to walk again. You guys, my heart.

There are three other kittens whose terrible stories end with adoption; if you need a little cheering up on this bleak Monday, I suggest you read them right away.

[image via Animals Lebanon]

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