Los Angeles vegans, come to Sharon Palmer’s Plant-Powered for Life book launch at Real Food Daily!  »


Delicious vegan food (a free tasting menu!), lively discussion between Plant-Powered for Life author Sharon Palmer and Real Food Daily owner Ann Gentry, and a raffle—anything else on a Wednesday night would be snoozeville in comparison. All this goodness happens Wednesday, July 16 (that’s tomorrow), from 6 to 8 p.m. at Real Food Daily in Pasadena.

RSVP to the Facebook event page or to and invite all your friends! See you there!


PopSugar TV posted this video last week of Ann Gentry making some vegan buckwheat salad from her new book Vegan Family Meals. NO THANKS!

Just kidding! Not really. I’m just saying, this is the type of food people think “those crazy vegans” eat (literally!) all day. Buckwheat salad with stupid cucumbers (the bane of my existence!) is not how I spell fun! It sounds healthy and crap. It reinforces the idea that we are all vegan for purely health reasons—bleh, health! This is why I have to down buckets of gin before anyone believes I’m not vegan for my health. It’s just for the animals! Luckily, I like gin.

Moreover, send me vegan donuts!

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