ONE DAY Left to Get in on Awesome Vegan Comics Anthology  »

You guys. I am legitimately pretty excited about this book.

The original idea behind this anthology was going to be half vegan cartoonists, half omnis. But it got bigger and started including vegetarians and otherwise. So now it’s just a big, huge, food-themed anthology full of awesome.

The vegans contributing include:

J.T. Yost, who we have interviewed here before, has been doing the good work of editing, organizing, and general wrassling-of-folks to make this whole thing happen.

Yeah, the funding goal has already been met, but this is your chance to get extra goodies like minicomics, t-shirts, signed prints, and good feelings. Also: what if you tell yourself you’ll get it later but then you just forget, like you always do?

The disclaimer here is that I also have a comic in it myself. I think it’s pretty good, though, and my drawings look nice. It’s based in part on this rad Quasi song. Last night I had a dream where I met Sam Coomes and told him about it and he seemed pretty cool with the whole thing.

You can read more and fund the project on the Kickstarter page.

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