Pi Bar, Mark THREE!  »

The determined sleuths/neighborhood busybodies over here at Vegansaurus snapped a shot of the interior of Pi Bar and it’s lookin’ fresh! We also got our hot little hands on a business card. Yes! We’re obviously very interested in the availability of vegan pizza options, so we made a call to request vegan pizza (please please please), but just got a recorded message that stated:

"Thank you for calling Pi Bar. We’re looking forward to a mid-August, early September opening; look for us then. Thanks for calling!"

That is pretty much verbatim with some license taken in the fact that we are lazy and didn’t want to call back to get it verbatim, you dig?

In other news, Anthony’s Cookies on the same block of Valencia will soon be selling vegan cookies!! Can I get a what-what for that adorable crew at Anthony’s? I would also like to state, for the record, that I want to marry them all. Sweetest bros around.

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