You need this: Vegan Guide to New York City 2011 mobile app!  »

If you’re a vegan living in the New York City area, or a vegan who spends a lot of time in NYC, or even just a human being who LOVES food, this app is for you! Created by vegan author and Historical Advisor to the North American Vegetarian Society Rynn Berry, this user-friendly app is seriously a vegan’s dream. Born from the original vegan-favorite paperback guides, it’s the only 100 percent vegetarian and vegan guide that is continually updated, with more than 120 professionally reviewed restaurants. Where Yelp, MenuPages and GrubHub fall short, TVGNYC2011 picks up all the slack and then some.

After launching the app, four tabs appear on the bottom of the screen: List, Map, Filter and More.

Under List, we find a comprehensive listing of every vegan/vegetarian option in New York City and its surrounding boroughs, and features the ability to search by distance (from your current location, or any location you enter), name (alphabetically listed), and price level (inexpensive, moderately priced, or expensive).

When we click on a listing (here we see vegan fast-food utopia FoodSwings Brooklyn), we’re presented with every detail we could ever need, with extras to boot! From this screen, we can find address, phone number, hours of business, price level and more. We can even read a detailed review, get driving or subway directions, and check in via FourSquare. Awesomesauce.

Under Map, we find a Google Maps-style map which first drops a pin at our current location, then fills us with glee as we watch dozens of beautiful little green pins surround us. Way up in the Bronx and all the way down to Flatbush, Brooklyn…this map has everything covered.

The real genius of this app lies under the Filter tab. From here, we can narrow down our search based on any number of tastes, price levels, and locations. Only want top-rated restaurants? Click the Critic’s Pick tab, and that’s all you’ll see. The Cuisine filter featured every type of grub, from raw to kosher to fast food. If you’re only on the search for a good spot to binge on vegan ice cream—as we often are—there’s a filter for that, too. The More tab is mostly informational, with details on the author and the app creator, Cutting Edge Consulting. But therein lies a little gem—a map with a list directing us to Rynn Berry’s top-22 favorite vegan joints in NYC, including Franchia, HanGawi and Candle 79. Neat!

Considering the wealth of veritable information and recommendations, and taking into account the continuous updates, The Vegan Guide to New York City 2011 mobile app is a steal at $4.99. It integrates fully with other social apps like Facebook and Twitter, so you can broadcast your near-orgasmic experience with vegan cannolis to everyone on your friends list. This app will only get bigger and better as more vegan menus pop up all over New York City, and it’s always good to be in the know.


NYC: Free cooking class with Alexandra Jamieson!  »

Alexandra Jamieson (of The Great American Detox Diet and Top Chef: Just Desserts fame!) is teaching a cooking class on Sunday, Mar. 13 and it’s FREE! We just heard that there are still spots left—spots that could be filled by your beautiful self! It’s part of the NYC 21-Day Vegan Challenge that I mentioned a little bit ago. Here’s the info:

Great American Detox Diet author and superstar vegan nutritionist, Alexandra Jamieson, who literally wrote the book on eating vegan (Vegan Cooking for Dummies) will teach an intimate class on how to make seitan chimichurri skewers and chickpea blondie brownies with almond cream—recipes that are super-easy, filled with protein, and 100 percent gluten free.

Chickpea blondie brownies with almond cream?! WANT. I may have to register myself! OMG and you could register too and then we’ll meet over chimichurris and fall in love! Or, you know, I could do my usual Sunday routine which consists of watching Matlock reruns on channel 55 and cursing the day I discovered red wine.

Image is from PCRM's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart App! Try it, it's free on iTunes! Also, email it to your non-veg friends and family, it makes going vegan easy! And fun! And delicious! Woo!

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