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Every once in awhile, a food products sings to your heart and takes your love by storm.  For me, this happens daily. Yesterday, this storm turned into a level-5 hurricane in the form of this amazing pumpkin bread from Artisan Bakers that we got at Rainbow Grocery. It is usually sold out but we were lucky enough to grab the last loaf. Suckers. As an aside, there is huge satisfaction in getting the last of something that other people want. It’s like when I went to H&M for the Stella McCartney line and waited in the freezing cold for like four hours until they finally opened only to make a mad dash to buy anything, everything Stella and ended up with a SATIN HAMMER PANTS four sizes too small that cost me $150 and I’m still so stupid that I was pleased about this purchase for a FULL TWO DAYS until I realized what god hath wrought and came down with a deep depression for a week. This bread is like that. Except that you will feel no remorse because it’s CHEAP! and DELICIOUS! and if it has anything to do with the blues, it’s in the curing of them.

This isn’t a typical pumpkin bread in that it’s not a sweet loaf. It’s more like a traditional seed loaf but made round and with pumpkin. It’s rich and textured and covered in pumpkin seeds and is perfect toasted in the broiler and then slathered in Earth Balance. I’m guessing it would make a damn fine PB&J too. That’s PUMPKIN BUTTER and jam to you! Actually, it’s not, but I bet that would be good too. If a little sweet. Maybe pumpkin butter and peanut butter?? Who knows, go crazy, this bread can handle it.

Artisan Breads are sold all over the Bay Area. I would call the store closest to you to make sure they carry the pumpkin bread. It’s seasonal too so don’t be looking for this shit in May. Unless you’re in Australia. Wait, does that work? Anyway. Their site is fresh, and includes a pretty detailed description of their bread-making process and some recipes! They are obviously super-passionate about making tasty bread and have won all sorts of awards and shit.

An aside: I was looking for a cute pumpkin photo to put up on the blog and I came across this. This seems like it should be a punishable offense. I mean, you can’t urinate in public but you can do that? I don’t get it.

[photo via Time Out Chicago]

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