Rumor mill: Is Tal Ronnen starting an artisan vegan cheese company?  »


Dear lord, please let Ecorazzi’s rumor-mongering be correct. Could Kite Hill Cheese be the fancy-pants fromagerie we’ve been waiting for?

Just wait till all those “I’d go vegan, but I love cheese too much” whiny-pants vegetarians hear about this. No excuses left, you big babies! Vegan up and eat your fancy cheeses or accept your weaknesses, donate extra money to a farm-animal rescue group, and hush.

[Photo by starfive via Flickr]


Win a Copy of “Artisan Vegan Cheese” from Vegan Mainstream  »

You know what’s hot right now? This book. Look for a review here on Vegansaurus at some point in the near future but in the meantime, don’t miss out on the trendiest trend in veganism since kale chips: culturing your own non-dairy goodness. 

Here’s what’s up: This week, Vegan Mainstream is giving away five copies of the cookbook so you too can have little pet food/bacteria cultures and try to figure out what part of your house is the warmest. You can enter a bunch of times.

Meanwhile, Miyoko is having a photo contest: Make food from her book (or if you don’t have the book, use the Meltable Muenster or Smoked Provolone recipes at the bottom of the page here), take a photo, and you could win A SHIPMENT of vegan cheese from Mikoyo. See a video about the contest here.

I will never win this because as y’all know I’m terrible at taking pictures of food. Also, seems damn ironic that to win the prize where you get to gorge yourself, you have to actually succeed at proving you don’t really need said prize after all. Plus, remember, these recipes take literally DAYS if not WEEKS to achieve. This Mikoyo lady is kind of a task master.

But, if you’ve got a lot of time and want to be charmed by her, watch this video of her cooking demo at the SF World Vegetarian Festival from early October. And we’ve featured Miyoko’s recipes before, so get on making that mozzarella di bufala ASAP.

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