Top 10 Links of the Week!: A gay pride march through veganism!  »

[This is ridic. BTs rule. Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

The Fourth of July is upon us! Paw Nation has 10 Tips to Prevent Pet Firework Fears. BTW: This episode of Top 10 Links of the Week is brought to you by the number 10! And the letter AWESOME.

WTF. Teenage male dolphins totally beat up porpoises! For fun! Or because of sexual frustration, says one scientist. I know I should have more jokes about this but Grist pretty much hit them all. Hilarisad.

On the ad beat again! Fearless Revolution, blog of ad darling Alex Bogusky, is backing Meatless Monday! Now if only I could get my agency to do it. Or at least just my table! I brought them vegan donuts this past Monday and everything, what more do they want?!

Top 10 Things you Need to Know About the Farm Bill. Food subsidies are bullshit!

Check out Laura’s Week in Vegan! Leave her a comment! She loves attention!

Aspen goes Meatless! For Mondays, at least. Everything I know about Aspen comes from Aspen Extreme.

My discussion topic of the week!: This Dish is Veg has the story on a proposed Dutch ban on killing unstunned animals. Jewish and Muslim communities are saying this violates their religious freedoms. What do you think about navigating these religious waters when it comes to animals rights? I feel like it’s one of the hardest issues because it’s not like, oh, meat is yummy, it’s like a cultural sensitivity thing. Nobody wants to be ethnocentric but, at the same time, fuck you guys for hurting animals! Also, does stunned mean electrocuted? Because that sounds painful too.

Top 10 Smartest Animals! Number eight? Pigeons! My beloved!

Top Five Animals Going Extinct Because Some Guy Can’t Get it Up. Hilarious downer from Grist! But Grist, today’s episode was brought to you by the number 10, not five. Get it right next time.

Unhealthy Vegans have the story on LA Vegan Beerfest! Lots ‘o pictures! Including this super awesome one:

What do you think? Best vegan tattoo you’ve seen? Seen better?

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