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OK guys, I have a tearjerker for you! Like, I’m tearing up as I write. But first, do we have any readers in or near Atlanta? Or even readers who just know people in that area? Help find a home for this dog! I can’t believe her story hasn’t been picked up by the media (unless I missed it), it’s got TV news written all over it. And I’ve seen Broadcast News 11 times, so I know.

On to the story. My ECD (a.k.a. big boss) is from Atlanta and he’s a serious dog advocate. So when FB was kind enough to inform me that he recently “liked” a video of this dog Princess sitting on command for the first time, I watched the video. I was immediately smitten! I looked into it and found her page. Princess has a sad history but hopefully she has a bright future! She’s only a year or so; I like to think neglected dogs totally forget their early years once they’re in a nice home (I mean I don’t even remember what three-year-old Megan’s favorite cereal was! And I’m so serious about cereal! So maybe it’s like that). Do you think it’s true? Well that’s what I hope, and I hope that’s true for Princess.

Princess was purchased with the intention of using her to breed (that sentence is so infuriating. Like, who the eff BUYS pit bulls? There are a gazillion in shelters! Plus, who the eff BREEDS pit bulls? There are a gazillion in shelters!). For some reason or another, the guy who bought her didn’t have a place to house her (way to plan, dickhead). So Princess “ended up in the backyard of a family.” Not clear about that but I think it means she wandered into a family’s backyard and set up shop. She was skinny and too scared to let anyone touch her, so she hid in the bushes. That’s just such a sad image. All these people out there are running around scared of the powerhouses that are pit bulls and this one is cowering in the bushes. 

Lucky for Princess, a kind young boy named Patrick took it upon himself to help her:

A 13-year-old boy, Patrick, would be her caretaker. A neighbor would help him gain her trust. Princess was finally coaxed, caught, spayed and vetted.

There were victories along the way, but after healing from her surgery, Princess would be an outdoor dog. Princess reverted to her old ways of hiding in the bushes and running from the family. It was decided she needs a home where she can be an indoor dog and receive the consistency and training she needs. Patrick & his sister have gotten Princess this far. Now we need someone to take her the rest of the way. 

Is there anyone who can help her? Foster or adopt her? If you can, email the Atlanta Bully Rescue. I can’t foster her and I’m feeling a bit powerless, but that’s when I take to the internets! If you can’t foster Princess either but still want to help, there are two other things you can do! 1. Make a donation to the Atlanta Bully Rescue; 2. Share share share this story until we find her a foster! Or better yet, a forever home! I mean, really, look at this face:

UPDATE on Princess!: 

Thank you for this spotlight on Princess. She is a wonderful dog who is making leaps and bounds and is still currently in the Atlanta area. Princess is in a boarding scenario where she is getting some time with a trainer in a sort of “sanctuary” environment but she is looking for an experienced foster or forever home. It will be healthier for her to continue her progress and rehabilitation if she can go ahead and get settled into a home soon. If you are in the Atlanta area and end up fostering or adopting Princess, you will have access to some training by the people who have been assisting her. If interested in applying to be a foster or forever home for Princess, please email

For another story from Atlanta Bully Rescue with as much heart, read about Norma Jean’s sad past and (hopefully) bright future.

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