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Check it out, Cinnamon Snail won a 2012 Vendy for People’s Taste Award! Here’s a video all about the winners and not only is there a commercial in the beginning, but the first 45 seconds are about steak. Bleh. But then there’s a beautiful shot of a chocolatey delicious vegan donut!

I am very proud of Cinnamon Snail and I can tell you from experience that their donuts are the B to the O to the M to the silent B. No joke. Congrats, dudes! Got to love when vegans beat out omnis. 


Vegetarian Times 2011 Foodie Awards help you blow your dollars  »

Who else wants to work at Vegetarian Times?

"This year, VT staffers spent many an afternoon sipping, slurping, and nibbling our way down the aisles, sampling foods and ingredients old and new. We then nominated 114 products in 26 categories for our annual Foodie Awards, and asked you, our readers, to choose your favorites."

Nice gig, right? (Full disclosure: I actually do work for the same company that owns the mag, but I ain’t getting awesome food at work.)

Bottom line: VT has a big ol’ list of fancy food for you to blow your savings on. The only bummer, besides the ridiculousness of some of the categories, is that a lot of the choices aren’t vegan. Sigh.

Some highlights:

  • Finishing Salts (wtf?): Himalania Himalayan Pink Salt ”Mineral-rich salt that’s almost too pretty to eat.” No seriously though - why?
  • Rooibos Teas (why just rooibos? Because it’s snobbier and fancier?): The Republic of Tea Natural Organic Raw Green Bush Tea ”Minimally processed to preserve antioxidants and impart delicate, grassy flavor.” Mmm, grass.
  • Soft cheeses: Galaxy’s new vegan cream cheese and Tofutti cream cheese are 2 runners up, go vegans! 
  • Stocks & Broths (because that’s an actually useful category): Pacific Organic Mushroom Broth “Earthy flavor booster for risottos, soups, and stews.”

Peruse at your leisure, then make a spendy shopping list. Prize goes to anyone who makes/imagines a meal using all the (vegan) winners!


Bob Barker honored with prestigious Veg Award! You get a recipe!  »

My friend Lena Fay is the UnOfficial president of the Bob Barker Fan Club. I interviewed her earlier today about her adoration of all things Bob Barker, and for a better understanding in general, via text message.

Vegansaurus: Can you explain in two or three sentences your love for Bob Barker and why you are the president of his fan club?
Lena Fay: Bob Barker made me understand the unparalleled charisma of dirty old men.

Is he a dirty old man?
Kind of. He hooked up with the Barker Beauties.

Who are the Barker Beauties?
The girls who run The Price is Right games who are always in swimsuits.

So there you have it! As it happens, Lena Fay isn’t the only fan of Bob Barker; so are vegan animal-rights advocates Mercy for Animals! MFA, along with Barker, are throwing a huge, fancy bash on June 4 in the Hollywood Hills! They will honor the “hidden heroes”—undercover investigators who risk their lives and safety to expose the horrific cruelty animals endure at factory farms, hatcheries and slaughterhouses—and Barker himself will receive an award! Bob Barker has spend the last 30-plus years as a crusader for animal rights, yo. He can put his Compassionate Leadership Award next to his 19 Emmys from The Price Is Right!

Lena Fay often uses her Facebook status to announce her obsession surrounding Bob Barker and The Price Is Right. One of those nights, not too long ago, I decided to to a little investigative, undercover work myself. And I stumbled across this recipe! A vegan enchilada bake that calls for a crushed Fritos topping, and side of vegan sour cream? I too, found myself loving Bob Barker.

(I totally would have posted the picture, but then I realized it’s probably a stock photo! With dairy cheese and meat! And we know what kind of shenanigans that leads to…)

[Photo via Hidden Heroes Party]


UK animal welfare organization OneKind is one of the sixteen finalists in YouTube’s DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards! The award recognizes nonprofits that best use new media to convey their message. OneKind is the only animal organization to make it! Sorry, I mean organisation (cultural spelling humor! timeless).

The video is cool but it could be a lot shorter. There’s kind of a rule in advertising that a video should never be over two minutes and should preferably be under 90 seconds. What do you want? Society has A.D.D.!

There are only a few days left to vote so go over and vote for your faves!


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