“ IT HAS ALWAYS been crucial to the gourmet’s pleasure that he eat in ways the mainstream cannot afford. For hundreds of years this meant consuming enormous quantities of meat. That of animals that had been whipped to death was more highly valued for centuries, in the belief that pain and trauma enhanced taste. “A true gastronome,” according to a British dining manual of the time, “is as insensible to suffering as is a conqueror.” But for the past several decades, factory farms have made meat ever cheaper and—as the excellent book The CAFO [Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations] Reader makes clear—the pain and trauma are thrown in for free. The contemporary gourmet reacts by voicing an ever-stronger preference for free-range meats from small local farms. He even claims to believe that well-treated animals taste better, though his heart isn’t really in it. „

A truly excellent take down of “foodies” by B.R. Myers over at The Atlantic. Warning: it contains a NSFW/Life bit about Anthony Bourdain grossly eating endangered songbirds and then exchanging “just fucked” glances with fellow diners/psychopaths. Seriously, my eyes started to water. Was it to cry? Or dry heave? Possibly both. Yep! It was both. 

The only problem with this seemingly perfect piece of writing is that it’s published in The Atlantic, home to some of the most terrible food writing in the world. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. 

[Hat-tip, Elizabeth!]

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