German company Sante introduces vegan toothpaste with B12!  »

Sante is a company based in Hannover, Germany, which creates and manufactures “natural cosmetics.” This line now includes toothpaste with vitamin B12! Specifically for people whose diets make them susceptible to B12 deficiencies, like vegans!

Even better than it existing is that it works. Sante and Vegetarierbund Deutschland (VEBU/German Vegetarian Society) conducted a study with some pretty great results. Namely, participants saw a “60 percent increase in vitamin B12 after 4 weeks of …¬†two applications daily of a B12-toothpaste.” That is great!

VEBU details the study here, including some pretty clear charts. Yes, they’re entirely in German, but you can understand this, right?

Hint: “Vorher” means “before” and “Nachher” means “after.”

As for buying this wonderful toothpaste, it appears you can purchase it through VEBU, but only from certain countries, most of which are European, obviously. A quick Google turns up a few sites—but none of them¬†ships to North America, either. Boo! I want this toothpaste! Actually, I’m pretty well-vitamined, but I love the idea of an organic, vegan dentifrice that cleans your teeth and protects you from future health issues.

Thanks for the hard work, VEBU and Sante. Now please sell us your product.

[images via VEBU]



One day we could all shit Clorox courtesy of SCIENCE!  »

If you couldn’t tell by my disco PSA, I love the pigeons. They usually pretend to be aloof but I can tell they love me too. This is why I keep up on the pigeon news—always looking out for my pals! And let me tell you, there is some pigeon news! It’s kind of freaky news—frews, if you will. Not only do pigeons have to eat your trash, now people want them to poop bleach! Go team science!

Well it’s not actually bleach, that’s just some decorative language I added because I’m an artist and my new medium is lying. They want to make pigeons shit “biological soap” through the magic of synthetic biology. I looked up synthetic biology and in this case it means, “the re-design of existing, natural biological systems for useful purposes.” And since animals exist to make our lives easier, let’s biologically synthesize some damn pigeons already! Or as Tuur van Balen, the brains behind this, puts it, “add new functionality to what is by many seen as flying rats” (oh daaamn, are you rat-lovers going to take that?). This is awesome because while I already love pigeons, functional pigeons sound so much better! GOD I already can’t STAND all these dysfunctional pigeons I have to deal with everyday! With their drinking problems and abusive relationships—I’m over it!

So what’s the plan?! Well, they are going to feed pigeons a special bacteria with their food. Van Balen claims this bacteria is—get ready for this!—“as harmless to them as eating yoghurt is to us.” UM EARTH TO VAN BALEN! Dairy is the devil! DUH. But the bacteria will somehow change their metabolism and ta dah! Soap poop.

The article goes on to discuss the other implications this kind of thing could have. He’s working on synthetic immune systems where it’s totally tailored to your body. And guess what! The example he gives is for vegetarians! The synthetic immune system could monitor your B12 levels and produce some more if they are low. Hold up, that’s kind of BADASS. But the pigeon stuff, I don’t know. I don’t think we should go around fucking with animals just because we can. And when you add new things to the environment, there’s always potential for disaster. Like the salt we use to melt snow, now it’s all in the rivers and what not, screwing things up.

My final vote: Leave the damn pigeons alone. Freaks.


Product review: So Delicious coconut yogurt!  »

Well, the philanthropist geniuses over at Turtle Mountain are at it again!* Having brought us delicious soy yogurts and soy creams for years, they now bring something to the market I’ve never had before, COCONUT YOGURT. And it’s good. It’s REAL good. That was meant to sound slightly creepy.

Flavors currently available are vanilla—THE VERY BEST, eat this all the time! Eat it alone, put it on granola, top it with berries, pour it on your genitals, WHATEVER IT TAKES JUST GET IT INTO YOUR BODY; plain—good but probably best as a base for a sauce or in cakes, etc.; blueberry—delicious blueberry yogurt; raspberry—delicious raspberry yogurt; and then some more adventurous mixes that involve mango and passion fruit and whatnot that are decent, but I am not one for tropical-flavored anything, it always tastes like tropical-fruit-flavored Skittles, which always tasted like gross to me. But I ain’t the boss of you, maybe you like gross!

I’ve only seen these for sale at Whole Foods, Rainbow Grocery (where one day I hope to be buried in the baked goods section), and other specialty health food stores, and they are around $2 for a 6oz container (roughly 150 calories, depending on the flavor). Oh and vegans, each serving has 30 percent of your daily intake for B12! What what!

*I know, this expression is super-obnoxious, I just can’t help myself! I love how it sounds!

[photo via So Delicious]

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