Just-opened B3 on Valencia is already courting vegans  »

B3, or B-cubed, or “bottles/bites/burgers” just had their grand opening this past Wednesday, and while we don’t usually cover the upscale Mission wine bar scene/racket, my ears perk up whenever anyone says our name. Their pre-opening event promised “vegetarian options” (usually read: cheese/unnecessary butter in otherwise completely vegetable-based soups) but it looks like they’re planning to go a few steps further. This tip came in via text, transcribed directly from their menu:

Vegan options prepared on surfaces and/or with items which do not violate vegan practices! We are with you.

I’m not a fundamentalist about public cooking surfaces, so if a restaurant is more crazy about vegan purity than I am, then I think we have a love connection on our hands. And beyond the purity thing, it shows an actual commitment to keeping vegan food on the menu.

B3 is open on Valencia between 22nd and 23rd, on the same block as Beretta. (And if you’ve never been, Beretta has some of the best thin-crust pizza in this city, with Follow Your Heart vegan cheese available. Which is better than Daiya. No, really. Let’s fight.) Bring a date, or a date’s family you plan to impress by faking extensive knowledge of not-from-a-box local wine, or a business deal you’re trying to close because life is a mid-80s stockbroker-sploitation flick starring you. Either way, add it to your “somewhere you can go with a group when the omnivores are sick of Asian food/Herbivore” list.

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