Have you seen these orphaned baby fruit bats? Look at them, with their tiny baby bat blankets and their tiny baby bat bottles! Just look at them being so insanely cute I can’t even take it!

I was planning on going down to Australia and batnapping them immediately, but Grist says the Australian Bat Clinic, where they live, could really use some donations and volunteers, so maybe a less felonious trip is in order.

[thanks to my brother for the tip!]


Meet Bunlet! Per SaveABunny,

Bunlet is an incredibly sweet, loving and brave little baby bunny. He was found abandoned in a San Francisco park with a badly broken leg. It was recommended that we allow him to get euthanized because “no one wants white rabbits—especially one with a broken leg.”

That statement broke my heart and was a deciding factor in rescuing him. Bunlet deserves to be loved and to have the chance to live a long, happy life doing binkies and dances like any other rabbit.

Won’t you be Bunlet’s Valentine this year, and throw a few dollars to SaveABunny to help this poor little guy? We love you, Bunlet! Get well soon!


Buzzfeed’s at it again, with 22 of the Cutest Baby Animals You’ve Never Heard Of. Trust me, no matter what kind of day you’re having, even if (hypothetically) you have PMS and were at the office until 11:30 last night, this will make everything better.

My favs, if you’re too lazy to click over to the full post (or maybe you’re so happy already you don’t need a dose of baby animal? If so, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and admit that’s ridiculous and impossible): the baby gundi (or comb rat) from northern Africa; an echinda from Australia, whose babies are for real called PUGGLES; and a little baby dik dik, aka tiny african antelope. I would so not mind working late if I had one of those guys helping me sort through my email. No, I would still mind working late. I’d rather be at home with my dik dik, feasting on grapes and artisan vegan cheeses and seeing who won the race to my lap, cat or antelope.


Five minutes of snuggling baby bunnies! This is “Baby Bunnies with an Epic Sountrack,” by Ian Elwood. If you loved this (and what kind of heartless bastard doesn’t love baby bunnies), you’ll love all his videos, they’re sweet and heartwarming.

About this video, Ian says:

These babies were born shortly after rescue at the municipal shelter, so the birth couldn’t be prevented. Momma bunny was confiscated by animal control from an Oakland resident who was raising them in squalid conditions for meat.  The local animal rescue community intervened, and we were able to save all of the rabbits from slaughter. Here are (depressing) photos and a newscast from that situation.

Oakland is considering allowing residents to keep rabbits in their backyard as “farm animals.” And we all know what that means. Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter is working hard to protect all of Oakland’s animals, please support this important work by following on Facebook.

This video will be on loop all day at Vegansaurus HQ, and for ALL TIME in our hearts. Thanks, Ian!


My beloved Rachel Maddow ended her Wednesday night show with a Best New Thing in the World segment that was inarguably the best: Secret Service agents literally making way for ducklings! Are you dead? I am dead.


Meet orphaned baby burrowing owls Linford and Christie, a.k.a. the only reason to look at the Daily Mail! These owlets are six weeks old and living with Jimmy, an employee of the Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England. They need 24-hour care, which is provided by Jimmy and his dog, JT. Look at this!
Click through for more information and more adorable photos!

Meet orphaned baby burrowing owls Linford and Christie, a.k.a. the only reason to look at the Daily Mail! These owlets are six weeks old and living with Jimmy, an employee of the Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England. They need 24-hour care, which is provided by Jimmy and his dog, JT. Look at this!

Click through for more information and more adorable photos!


A baby squirrel being rescued in Hollywood by Animal Advocates. So cute! Are you all thinking what I’m thinking? I need a purse squirrel! If you guys ever save any animals, totally send me pictures.

[via holycuteness]


Hot guys and baby animals, HOLLER!  »

Dishes are done, man: this is what I want for Christmas! I present the 2011 Hot Guys and Baby Animals calendar. Now, “with even HOTTER guys and BABIER animals!” That rules. This whole thing rules. I’m walking on a cloud! Add free booze and you have all my favorite things. PLUS! A portion of the proceeds are donated to the SFSPCA and the Milo Foundation. PLUS! It’s printed with soy-based inks. PLUS! Many of the animals are rescues and some are still available for adoption (I doubt for long!). However, “the men are not up for adoption, but may be in need of rescuing.” Haaaaaa. Oh, men.

Check out their ecards too. I’m in love.


Sorry for the delay, this sloth video came out two weeks ago. You know I always keep you up to date on sloth news but this sloth video is sort of a different beast than the last one from the sloth orphanage. Remember that one? It was adorbs! This one is kind of adorbs too, it’s just that, well, this one is about pooping. It’s a potty-training video. I’m so serious. Enjoy!


Happy-time puppy pictures from Jorge Garcia and Cuddly Canines!  »

You guys. YOU GUYS!

First, because I am like a newborn baby who knows nothing outside of her internet bubble of journo-criticism, esoteric fashion (Should Be on The Nanny, I love you), Bay Area gossip/news, and Wonkette, did you know there is at least one dog adoption organization that takes MOSTLY PUPPIES, because I had NO IDEA!! Someone should have told me, I would visit it every day. Even the most hideously disfigured rescue animals are 1,000 times more adorable than any “zooborns” photos. But back to the puppies: this place, Cuddly Canines Rescue!, is somewhere in the wilds of Los Angeles, who knows, that place is an enormous sprawl, and they have something like 1 billion puppies and mother dogs and ex-mother dogs in various foster homes awaiting adoption. In the meantime, they are looking cuuuuute on the internet.

Should you take time between convulsions of teeny-tiny nosies and itty-bitty pink tongues and weensy paws and just-opened eyes oh man some of them don’t even have hair yet UGH and read their stories, mostly you’ll get angry; pregnant dogs abandoned in shelters, running in the streets without collars, wandering parking lots; week-old puppies dumped at shelters in cardboard boxes—people are horrible. Please spay and neuter your companion animals of every species.

How did Vegansaurus find out about Cuddly Canines and its zillions of puppies? Jorge Garcia just adopted two wee dogs through them! Look at these little monsters!

PUPPIES PUPPIES I WANT TO EAT THEM. Aren’t they darlings? Of course they are, they are puppies! We live in the U.S., we only see adorable puppies here. These two are called Pip—the weest one in the back—and Smidge, and we could probably call them the luckiest dogs of the month, too. They are so well loved!

You see, pals, dogs of all ages need adopting. There is absolutely no “need” to buy a dog to get a puppy—can we let Jorge Garcia and his pair of earmuffs put that lie to rest? Always, always look for adoptable animals; it’s our responsibility as animal-lovers and animal-rights advocates to encourage everyone we’ve ever met to do this. Maybe instead of just harping about it like shrews, though, we could try harping on about it with PHOTOS OF ADORABLE PUPPIES HOLY MOLY.

When I am ready to quit my crazy single life of dog-sitting and book-reading, I will retire to farm needy babies and puppies, eventually creating a mass of adorability so concentrated residents within 100 miles will have constant smiles.

[puppy photos via Cuddly Canines Rescue! Pip and Smidge photos via Further Dispatches]

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