Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale begins THIS WEEKEND! Let’s get this party started!!  »


It’s that time again! What time? Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale time! There are bake sales ALL OVER THE FREAKING WORLD. I bet there’s one near you and it’s not too late to bake and/or eat at one. SO DO IT TO IT.

FOR EXAMPLE, if you are in NYC on Sunday, May 4, there is an enormous and delicious bake sale happening at MooShoes vegan shoe store! Yay! Like cupcakes? We have you covered. Prefer muffins? Sorted. Savory more your thing? Done.

Details via Dayna R:

This year’s beneficiary is GooseWatch NYC, which advocates for tolerance of and co-existence with urban wildlife, and promotes humane alternatives to resolving conflicts between people and animals.

This is NYC’s sixth time participating in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale and we don’t mess around. We will have far more delights than you can eat at one time, so don’t forget to bring a container to bring food home and share the joy with your friends and family (or yourself on Monday). 

If you’d like to pitch in and bake, check out what other people are making and sign up hereFull details hereSunday, May 4, 12:30pm - 5:30pm. MooShoes, 68 Orchard Street, NYC.

For all other bake sales, check this link ASAP and get to eatin’!!


Come to the mega vegan bake sale for Oakland Veg Week on Saturday!  »

imageGet your butts to Oakland tomorrow for a mega vegan bake sale to celebrate Oakland Veg Week and benefit the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition!

Oakland Veg Week and Factory Farming Awareness Coalition are teaming up to host a vegan bake sale by the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market in Oakland to share delicious vegan treats, collect Oakland Veg Pledge signatures, and raise funds. 

We’ll have tables set up at the corner of Grand Avenue and MacArthur Blvd.

The bake sale runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 13. Be there or be without delicious vegan baked goods. For more information, visit Facebook.

[Photo via Oakland Veg Week]


WANTED: bakers and eaters for Marin County’s Vegan Bake Sale!  »

There’s info directly from the source below, so all you need to do is pick up one of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale’s cute new shirts (actually, that’s optional — but they’re REALLY CUTE!), and we’ll see you at the bake sale to do all of the eating!

It’s time for Marin County’s VEGAN BAKE SALE, in celebration of Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale! [ed.: you can see if there’s a bake sale near you if you’re not near Marin — or you can organize one yourself!]

100% of moneys raised will be split between two awesome area nonprofits in support of their outstanding work: Marin Friends of Ferals and Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity.

Bake. Eat. Bake and Eat.

1. e-mail to get involved!
2. Invite all your friends. 
3. Save the date and come eat yummy vegan treats for a great cause. 

All eating and purchases are guaranteed to be 100% guilt-free. 

If you are baking, please remember that all yummy goods must be vegan and contain no animal products. For baking, most importantly this means no dairy or eggs. You can visit the website of Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale for some fun tips on bakingvegan! 

What: Marin Vegan Bake Sale

Where: Outside of Pet Food Express, Terra Linda, 280 Northgate One, San Rafael, CA 94903

When: April 27, 10a-2p

Who: You

How: Bake and Eat! Eat or Bake!

Make sure to check out our host, Pet Food Express, too — we’ll be right outside and they are totally big-hearted and awesome.

Marin Friends of Ferals is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (C)(3) volunteer organization dedicated to the humane care and management of feral and homeless cats. They are located in Marin County, California – north of San Francisco.

Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity (AHO) is a501 (c) (3) organization designed for youth, by youth, for the future of youth who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.  Since its inception in January 2005, AHO has been leading the way in addressing the growing trend of youth homelessness in Marin County, Greater Bay Area and Sacramento, CA.


Help out Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary with lingerie and baked goods this week!  »

We love Harvest Home, vegan baked goods, and fancy underpants. This week, these entities form a triumvirate of awesome, in which purchasing the latter goes to help the former, by which we mean: Buy some underwear and cupcakes for Harvest Home!

First, on Saturday, Feb. 11, Harvest Home is having a fundraising bake sale! Stop by the corner of Grand and MacArthur in Oakland between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. for vegan treats (and maybe bunnies? maybe?), and help fund the over $4,000 in vet bills Harvest Home has already incurred in 2012. It’s a rough year for rescues, you guys. If you want to bake for the sale, email them ASAP. Get details on the sale at its Facebook event page.

Second, from Feb. 7 (today!) to 14, Purrfect Pineapples is taking donations for Harvest Home! With every minimum $5US donation, you are entered to win one of three Purrfect Pineapples gift certificates! (Brilliant idea: donate $5 10 times.) You may be familiar with the vegan lingerie company from Megan Rascal’s gift guides. Because she’s based in Toronto, Erika has to do a long-distance donation, and being a wonderful person, she’s making it a weeklong public event that rewards you for participating! Vegans are the nicest people.

Baked goods and pretty underpants: Two great vegan things that are easily fetishized together. Wait, no, try again: Two great vegan things that help home bunnies like Twix up there, doing his infamous slipper impression.

[photo of the eminently adoptable Twix by Harvest Home via Flickr]


NYC: The Whalentine’s Day Bake Sale is Feb. 12!  »

I’m sure you can read the above flyer, so I will not repeat the details, but I will ask you: What could be better than Mooshoes, yummy vegan baked goods and saving whales?! Pro tip: nothing!

You can still sign up to bring baked goods, all the info regarding that is on their Facebook page. If you are just coming to shop, they ask that you bring your own containers to take your yums home, so we keep the environmental impact to a minimum! Good thinking.

From what I hear, there will be chocolate lollipops, Rice Krispies treats, carrot cake, croissants—not to mention mini cupcakes, mini donuts, and mini pies! I love a mini treat. You know what else I love? SHOES*. So be there or be, etc.

*UPDATE: I hear Mooshoes will be donating 10% of all in-store sales that day to Sea Shepherd! Go Mooshoes!

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