Get gourmet Philly pretzels right here in Brooklyn!  »


You KNOW your friend Megan Rascal loves the Philly pretzels. So how excited was I when I heard about Pelzer’s Pretzels? Hint: SO EXCITED! 

Pelzer’s Pretzels, located in Crown Heights, BK, was started by a Philly transplant, in the hopes of bringing the Philadelphia soft pretzel game to NYC. Because really, Philly soft pretzels should be as ubiquitous across the country as the prison industrial complex! If not more so!

I emailed with Pelzer’s to find out if they had any vegan options. They have some meaty and cheesy pretzels but their everything, original and cran-mary are totally vegan! I even double checked because the pretzels were so shiny I thought they must be an egg-wash—nope! Veegs! Pelzer’s sent me those three varieties for free to try and some of their spicy beer mustard too. I shared the pretzels with my coworkers because I’m so nice to them. They were a hit! The spicy beer mustard went like hotcakes. 


You can see just by looking that they are not like regular Philly pretzels, these are on some gourmet steez. They remind me of this super delicious pretzel I had at the Zurich airport once (Megan Rascal: International Hassle). The outside/skin/whatever is so amazing! It’s flavorful and thick and awesome. 

I liked the original of course, and I liked the everything. I thought the everything would be my favorite as I’m an everything-enthusiast, and while I really liked the everything, I’m head over heels for the cran-mary! It’s cranberry and rosemary, if you didn’t get the name. I’m not super into cranberries but they were SO GOOD in the pretzel. And the rosemary? HAVE MERCY. 

You’ll also like this bit from their about us: 

As the source for artisanal Philadelphia style soft pretzels in New York City, Pelzer’s Pretzels is committed to making wholesome and delicious pretzels from the best available ingredients, providing fair wages and promoting worker dignity, and investing long-term in our local Brooklyn community.

Love it! Totally Philly style too. Without the massive chip on the shoulder part. 

You can stop by their storefront or, if you live in Brooklyn, you can have them delivered for a few bucks! I wish I could have everything delivered. Work, love, etc. But especially PRETZELS! 

In conclusion, these are a can’t-miss for any pretzel-lover and a definite boon for the accidentally-vegan Brooklyn food scene! All thumbs up!


Veganville baked goods on the cheap for Vegansaurus readers! Whoopie pies shipped to your face!  »

So, what’s the deal with Black Friday? Do we still boycott buying things? Or do we only boycott buying from big business? I’m so out of the loop! I do know I’ll be buying a Caltrain ticket back to to the city so I can work Friday morning (lucky me!) and then a $2 bottle of wine from Whole Foods to drown my sorrows because I’m broke, single and no one loves me. Just kidding! My cat will be so stoked to see me home after a night spent at Grandma’s house!

If you aren’t broke as a motherfucking joke and can buy many glorious items for sale today, please—let me lead the way.

Gigi is a vegan baker, located in the East Bay, who’s items you can find pretty much everywhere, including:

Philz Coffee in Berkeley
Tay Tah Cafe Albany
Catahoula Cafe Richmond
Thornhill Coffee House in Montclair
Detour Cafe in Berkeley
And soon, Never Felt Better in Sacramento!

Her products sell under the name Veganville and are also available on Etsy! She is offering a 35 percent discount on everything in her etsy store, starting Thanksgiving midnight through Cyber Monday at midnight. Type in the code BigV35. Anything at her store (except for gift certificates, but let’s be serious here)! We are going in for the cupcakes (or whoopie pies! Or brownies! Whatever you fancy, there is so much to choose from!)

[Vegan HoHo cupcakes. Yes please and thank you.]


YisRoYal vegan cookie dough is the BOMB  »

It’s no secret—we vegans get kinda lazy sometimes. Plus it’s not always easy to just run to the market and pick up all the necessary ingredients when we’ve developed an insatiable craving for fresh-baked, straight-out-of-the-oven, warm and chewy cookies—am I right? Enter YisRoYal vegan cookie dough!
That’s right my gluttonous friends, pre-made and ready to bake cookie dough. Born from a family’s fruitless search for wholesome treats that fit their dietary principles, YisRoYal’s gourmet doughs are 100 percent vegan and free of soy, artificial sweeteners and coloring, bleached flours and hydrogenated oils. The name YisRoYal stems from the Hebrew name Yisra’el, meaning “to be upright with God,” and was chosen in accordance with the company promise to “respect all creation by using only organic, whole ingredients.” How neato is THAT? Though it boasts a two-month shelf life, I knew the dough wouldn’t last long in my household, baked or otherwise. All three tubs—one each of the three flavors, Chocolate Chip, Spicy Ginger and Oatmeal Raisin—lasted the first night without disturbance. Come night number two, however, the temptation was just too much and I cracked each tub open carefully. After two bites of each, I sealed them back up and tried to hide them from myself in the back of the shelf…but it was no use. Another bite here and there left me with about three-fourths of each flavor remaining and I knew I’d better get to baking these darn things.

Per the instructions, I pre-heated the oven to 375 degrees and spooned 12 cookies from the Chocolate Chip tub to the (lightly greased) cookie sheet. Easy peasy!

Twelve minutes later, PING! Cookies! Done!

Honestly, it was so easy I felt like I was cheating. I let the first batch cool and proceeded to bake three more batches and less than one hour later, I have more cookies than I know what to do with. That’s a lie, they’re already half gone. The cookies were totally delicious: sweet but not overly so, not grainy or crumbly like many other vegan cookies, just the right amount of chips/raisins—a total success. My only suggestion would be to keep the cooking time to 10 minutes on the nose. The instructions say 10 to 12 minutes; however, after 12 minutes, the bottoms of each batch were slightly burned. Once I got the hang of it—spacing, dollop size, baking time—they came out picture-perfect. Only they didn’t last long enough for the picture part. To quote my omnivorous boyfriend, “These are fucking GOOD, yo!” I can’t think of a better endorsement than that.


Vegan summer Shop-Up NYC!  »

After their wildly successful Spring Shop-Up in April, the awesome folks over at Vegan Shop Up are kicking off the summer season with yet another goodie-laden event!
That’s right, you ravenous vegans! The big event is happening this Sunday, June 19—Father’s Day!—at our mega-favorite vegan watering hole, Pine Box Rock Shop, from 1 to 5 p.m. Featuring everything from hummus to skin care, raw ice cream to kombucha, tempeh to truffles, there will definitely be a little something for everyone. Vendors include Green Pirate fruit and veggie juices, Sprout skin care, Gone Pie baked goods and Pretty Monsters soy candles and balms. Empty Cages Collective will be there reppin’ our animal friends, too! So come on out, enjoy a delicious vegan bloody mary and waffle brunch with Dad, and spend some cold hard cash in support of vegan businesses! OR ELSE!


Vegansaurus roadtrip: Grindcore in Philly!  »

Yo, cuz! I been chilling in Philly again and I finally got to check out vegan coffee house Grindcore. LOVE IT. It’s hella crazy! What you see above in the coffee cup is an ALMOND MILK latte! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I hadn’t! You can also get a rice milk latte and every other kind of non-dairy milk latte! So cool. Plus, they have pastries from like four different bakeries! Above is a chocolate chip scone (the food of my people) and a sweet potato chocolate chip blondie! The scone was off the hook and the blondie tasted like pumpkin pie with chocolate chips—holler! Behind my treats is my sister’s PB&J. She said it was like the best PB&J ever. Behind THAT is my sister’s fake fur coat—she was worried everyone would think it was real! So cute, right? So cute.

Now the other great thing about Grindcore is that the customers are like straight-out-of-Portland crazy! There was a couple sitting next to us discussing the guidelines for their group house. The boy was wearing a cat collar! Like, one a cat would wear. Hot pink with a bell—and hopefully it was a breakaway collar, safety first! Then the couple started “hand dancing.” They were moving their hands around together and were like, “hey, we’re hand dancing.” And I was like VOM. Then they got up and started noodle dancing. And I was like VOM. But I looked around and it seemed like everyone else was like WTF as well so there’s still hope for the world.

The women working there were so nice! They even toasted my sister’s bread for her PB&J. It’s all about toasting the bread. OH AND a girl got a call-back from America’s Next Top Model while we were there! It’s basically coffeehouse to the stars. Next time you’re in Philly, you have to stop by Grindcore. Especially you Portlanders, if you miss home.


Discounted vegan baked goods from Gone Pie!  »

Hey people! Vegan and Celiac-friendly New York bakery Gone Pie has a cool thing where they take the leftover cookies from their big shipments and send them to you in those $5 flat-rate USPS shipping boxes! Because of shipping costs, their baked goods can be on the expensive side, but with these mini-orders you can get cookies and brownies for $14 to $18—shipping included! Take advantage of me this deal!


I was staying at a friend’s in New Jersey when I convinced him to drive me to Sweet Avenue Bakeshop! Man, do people love doing stuff for me. Clockwise from the top: Sexy Sadie (red velvet), pumpkin spice (gluten-free), Dark Side of the Moon (vanilla cake with chocolate frosting), mint chocolate (chocolate cake with mint frosting, filled with mint chocolate cream). And the winner is: Sexy Sadie!
How jealous are you?

I was staying at a friend’s in New Jersey when I convinced him to drive me to Sweet Avenue Bakeshop! Man, do people love doing stuff for me. Clockwise from the top: Sexy Sadie (red velvet), pumpkin spice (gluten-free), Dark Side of the Moon (vanilla cake with chocolate frosting), mint chocolate (chocolate cake with mint frosting, filled with mint chocolate cream). And the winner is: Sexy Sadie!

How jealous are you?


A Vegan Etsy Halloween!  »

Hey people, Halloween is coming up! Ever heard of it? Well I want you all to be prepared AND I want you all to support some of the craftspeople on Etsy! So here are my picks for the perfect vegan Etsy Halloween.

Check out these super-cute cupcakes from vegan baker SweetFritsy! These would make anybody happy. Especially if you know some lil’ kids you are trying to get stoked on veganism, which is my new favorite thing to do.
For some more sweets, vegan mallocreme pumpkins from PandaWithCookieBakes. These are very festive, my pals. And you got to have candies for halloween, you’ve just got to.

For something to really get you in the spirit, try some vegan caramel corn, also by SweetFritsy (with whom I think I’m in love)! Hot damn I hate caramel corn, but it’s just so classically Halloween I’ll probably buy it anyway and force children to eat it.

Last in the sweets category, pumpkin whoopie pies by shortbreadnyc (who also does custom logo cupcakes; we need some pink t-rex ones, am I right? Hint: ALWAYS)! Picture these with some hot apple cider—so Americana!

To pull things out of your mouth for a brief moment, what are you going to be for Halloween? Maybe you could use some vegan makeup to help you out! Moiminerals has created a limited edition haunted house collection for all your ghoulish makeup needs. I like “bark at the moon” because that’s a funny name and I look lovely in sparkles (pro tip: I look lovely in everything).

Now this next item isn’t really a costume, but maybe you don’t have to be one of those people that wears your costume to work on Halloween because you freak me out. It’s a shirt for the bros in the crowd by JamesAnthony. I find this shirt motherloving scary for some reason. It’s freaking me out! It’s like you’re bleeding from the neck! Bleh!

For the ladies, yous guys could wear this scary dress by ompantyom to work and then later you put your costume on for the party I’m sure you’re invited to. They are calling this a “dress,” which it very well may be—if you’re a hoebag. Put on some damn pants!

For your costume-costume, I’m hoping you don’t wear a skanky costume and go with something super-scary instead! Scary costumes rule! But now you may be asking, “Megan Rascal, how can I get laid on Halloween when I have an eyeball falling out of my head and bloody skin peeling off my arms?” Do I have an answer for you! Well, I have an answer for those of you out there looking to bang someone with a penis. There are a few scents that are known to “increase penile blood-flow,” one of those scents being pumpkin pie,* and guess what: Etsy store LittleBatch makes a roll-on vegan pumpkin pie fragrance! Congratulations!

Now I know at this point you are like, “but Megan Rascal! What will my dog wear! No Halloween costume for my dog? EMBARRASSING!” Well pals, I found this adorbs big bad wolf costume from Down Under Dog Designs. The Fig doesn’t like wearing hats or hoods, but I find these hooded costumes are still cute when the hood is down, so this should be fairly comfortable. See, I love dogs in clothes as much as the next Megan Rascal, but you’ve got to make sure your dog is comfortable!

There you have it! Happy Halloween, yall!

*Read all about it here. It’s hilarious because the others are licorice, vanilla and lavender. So that is food, food, and soap like your mom used to use. Boys! It’s OK though, baby powder increases women’s arousal. Duh, women are baby factories!


Vegansaurus NYC: Cocoa V!  »

Hey people, one quick thing: you have to go to Cocoa V before you die! It’s an all-vegan, all-organic, all-fair trade chocolate and wine bar. CHOCOLATE and WINE! What else do you need? That’s pretty much it.

Really it’s not all chocolate and wine, they also have baked goods and a savory menu so I went to Cocoa V for brunch this weekend. I ordered the “daily whimsical quiche,” which was a spinach-onion-Daiya quiche. It was OK. Although I have publicly proclaimed Daiya to be the bomb, I think I’m over it. It has such a distinct Daiya flavor and I’m finally just tired of it. It’s like there’s all these ingredients in the quiche and all I can taste is the Daiya. But the consistency was good and the crust was good—it was a nice little quiche. I was with two friends and we started with the Cocoa V trio which was an edamame pate, hummus, spiced nuts and “toast points” (basically crostini). That’s a picture of the edamame pate on a toast point on stage right over there. This stuff was GOOD. Below is a picture of my friend’s tofu salad wrap she ordered. I tried it, it was kind of bland but good. I guess it’s what you might expect a tofu salad wrap to be like.

After the savory stuff, we got chocolate fondue! You see pals, I’m a baller and I’ll have chocolate fondue for brunch if I damn well please. The fondue wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but it was very good. Then, after the fondue, the REAL fun began! I bought all kinds of chocolates and stuff for people! You see pals, I’m the man. We got to sample this one chocolate I highly recommend you try, it was the spiced chocolate tile with cloves and those holiday spices like that. My friend Kevin said it tasted like Christmas. I liked it because it was salty and I love the chocolate + salt combo. There were so many different chocolates! I got some pretzel clusters for my brother because I’m so sweet and I got a chocolate cat-face on a stick for my friend—again, because I’m so sweet. “Chocolate cat face on a stick” sounds really gross but it’s really cute. It’s just chocolate in the shape of a cat’s head. That still sounds weird but you know what I mean!

We dabbled in the baked goods too; my friend got a red velvet cupcake but hasn’t eaten it yet so I can’t attest to the flavor but I can say it was very pretty. The scone pictured is my chocolate-hazelnut scone I’m going to have for breakfast tomorrow. DON’T WORRY! I already tried it just so I could let you know that it’s super delicious. But the rest, that’s for breakfast, I swear. I didn’t try any of their wine so I’ll have to go back again. Normally, I’m all for morning time boozing but wine in the morning wasn’t appealing today. You may notice there are many pictures in this post but I assure you, this is only a few. It started to pour outside so I was in Cocoa V for about three hours and there were so many pretty things, I got my shutter-bug on.

If you live in New York, you have to go here probably tomorrow. If you visit New York, you really should make a stop here, it’s worth it. If you can’t wait, have no fear! You can order online! Because there is a god! And god wants you to get fat off vegan chocolate! DON’T DISAPPOINT GOD.

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