It’s time for another SF Vegan Bakesale! Who’s baking?  »

Hey Bay Area! The next SF Vegan Bakesale is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 30—that’s next Sunday! The profits for this bakesale will go to Performing Animal Welfare Society, which is an awesome organization that helps rescue and find sanctuary for animals that have been “victims of the exotic and performing animals trade,” as well as “investigat[ing] reports of abused performing and exotic animals, document[ing] cruelty and assist[ing] in investigations and prosecutions by regulatory agencies to alleviate the suffering of captive wildlife.” So awesome!

If you want to bake for the SF Vegan Bakesale, contact organizers Rachel and Heather on Twitter or via email, and let them know what you can do. Presumably lots, because you love the animals!

We’ll see you next week on Sunday, Oct. 30, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in front of Herbivore, at 983 Valencia at 20th Street in the Mission!

[photo by digiyesica via Flickr]


SF Vegan Bakesale, TAKE TWO! Let’s do this, vegans!  »

There was the Worldwide Vegan Bakesale, SF in June and the first SF Vegan Bakesale in October and they were both such insane successes (a total of $5,600 raised for awesome animal groups!) that we’re BACK! And we is better than ever!

Our next sale will raise money for Food Empowerment Project, who work with youth and low-income populations to make healthier, more informed food choices AND SaveABunny, who saves the shit out of the CUTEST BUNNIES EVER. Added bonus, we’ll have adoptable bunnies on the scene (!!!) and ready to go home with loving, awesome homes.

Check it out Saturday, December 5th, in front of Ike’s Place (3506 16th St. at oh come on you know where Ike’s is fine it’s Sanchez can’t you go anywhere without Google Maps?), 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We badly need volunteers, eaters, bakers, paper plates, compostable to-go containers & flatware, and hella publicity to make this awesome so mobilize, vegan (pacifist) army and email if you can/want to/feel obligated to pitch in! Let’s make this happen!!!

Oh, we also have a twitter set up! FOLLOW US!

** The SF Vegan Bakesale is officially sponsored by VegNews Magazine,, & Vegansaurus! **

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