Bramble Bakeshop Is Los Angeles’ Newest (and Most Delicious?) Vegan Bakery  »


Bramble Bakeshop is an online vegan bakery specializing in custom cakes and small sweets in Echo Park, Los Angeles. It’s also delicious and wonderful and gorgeous and you should order from them immediately. Seriously. Immediately.

Here’s the details about the new bakery, in their own words:

We provide a sustainable yet delicious option with an emphasis on unorthodox flavor combinations and a unique interpretation of the classics. Our treats are made with certified organic flour and sugar and we utilize local produce and spices whenever possible. Everything is made from scratch and devoid of highly processed ingredients. We strive to provide every birthday with a cake, every holiday with a treat, every wedding with a centerpiece, and everyone with a scrumptious, guilt-free option. 

Seriously. It’s all amazing. I am enthusiastic about their treats, and the second you try them, you will be too. So go ahead! Order! For yourself! For your friends! For your daddy’s twin cousin! Just do it!

Now, SOME BRAMBLE BAKESHOP VEGAN FOOD PORN (for more, follow their Instagram because damn it is very delicious):








Picnic Bakery! S.F. storefront coming, but you can try their tasty treats already!  »

A couple weeks ago we told you about new San Francisco vegan business Picnic Bakery, and we’re back with word on the deliciousness of their delicious treats! And they ARE delicious. Owner Emily was kind enough to drop off a variety for us to try and we were alllllll over it. And by we, I mean me and Meave because seriously, screw everyone else IT’S CAKE. JK jK, you’re all great, but really: CAKE. Also, cupcakes. And pies. And something called PEPPERMINT PANDAS, which are basically as cute and delicious as real-life pandas.

Since I took terrible pictures of everything, I just went ahead and stole some photos from Picnic Bakery’s blog. So, first things first, let’s run down the goodies that we tried, and I’ll go ahead and encourage you to order some stuff ASAP to try for yourself because there was a point at which I was singing “Satellite of Love” to the peanut butter pies. Shine your light on me, you gorgeous chocolate orbs.

First up, the aforementioned PEANUT BUTTER PIE!
What we tried is one of the smaller ones in the background. These things were OFF THE CHAIN. For those of you who are currently in a romantic relationship with the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate (those of you with beating hearts and taste buds), these things are ridic. Meave says, “Super creamy and fluffy, it was really rich, but also remarkably delicate. Like black tie peanut butter.” BLACK TIE PEANUT BUTTER Y’ALL.

Next! Peppermint Pandas!
They’re basically little chocolate cakes stuffed with peppermint cream and covered in chocolate ganache HOLY JESUS. Meave muses, “The peppermint cream was not too creamy, not too dry, not too minty, not too chocolaty, but clearly and satisfyingly minty-chocolaty.” I love these so much, so so much.

They were IT. If you love chocolate or coconut or happiness, these will rock your socks off. Or get your rocks off. Whichever one of those sayings is sexual, that’s what these will do. Meave liked them (specifically that the cupcake cake was chocolaty, moist, and tender) but she’s not one for coconut so they were not IT for her. More for Laura, come to mama!

Gingerbread tiny cakes!
I didn’t try these because I was on my way out the door to LONDON (that’s right, I was on vacation, sue me!) but Meave polished them off (FRESH!) [Meave note: On the advice of Mama Beck! Who loved them probably as much as she loves Laura!] and said, “a little bite of the best gingerbread you ever had, plus lemony cream cheese frosting HELLO YES. Ginger isn’t my No. 1 jam but these were really good. I think they work particularly well as minis, they’re so flavorful you don’t want to eat a million of them.” And I can say that they were really cute and pretty and the candied orange peel look divine!

Basically, everything was winner winner fuck dinner we’re eating CAKE. If you know anything about anything, you know that I all I want to do is pile into a big bubbly bathtub (a hot tub?) with all of you naked and eat these cakes until we have to get out and take showers and all of a sudden, 18 years later, I’m like, “Remember that night in the big bubbly bathtub with all that cake? Well, here’s your son!” I don’t know what I’m saying but basically, these cakes were so freaking good. They were totally pure junk food, but decadent and very well done. I’m super excited for the store to open in Upper Haight, and until then, I suggest we all hire Picnic Bakery to cater everything forever.


Picnic Bakery, a new vegan bakery, coming to Haight Street!  »

This is Emily Haydel of Picnic Bakery, a new all-vegan bakery that set to open in the Second Act Marketplace sometime this year. Hopefully tomorrow, but with how fast food-related shiz moves in S.F., it’ll probably be 2112, YA DIG? But let’s keep our hopes but because it’ll be inside the old Red Vic. How wonderful is that!? A: VERY WONDERFUL. Yes, it was very sad when the Red Vic closed, but it is very happy that a vegan bakery, along with 4-6 other food-related start-ups, will be growing in its place! Woohoo!

Picnic Bakery is run by owner/baker Emily here, who currently offers catering and delivery orders. DO NOT WORRY, YOUNG VEGANSAURS: We will get our greedy little fat hands on her tasty treats and report back on their deliciousness shortly, WE WILL NOT FAIL YOU. 

For now, Picnic Bakery’s website is still under construction, but you can check out its Facebook page for happenings and follow its tasty-recipe-having and adorably adorable blog!

Now, let’s stare at some tasty treats from Picnic Bakery’s blog (recipes included! Those of you who know how to turn on a stove are so lucky!)
Award-winning Samoa cupcakes

Strawberry rhubarb and vanilla bean cheesecake filled Danish coffee cake

Easy gluten-free blueberry corn muffins


Melbourne, Australia has the best-looking bread in the world!  »

How ridiculously good does that sourdough look? And it’s not even from San Francisco, it’s from Iain Banfield of Fruition Bakery in freaking MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. Hot damn, I’m moving! If you’re anywhere near Melbourne, you’d be a fool (a damn fool!) to not eat all of it.

Here’s a little about Fruition Bakery:

Organic flour, salt, water, and natural sourdough leaven; to many of us that is the definition of “bread,” but there are so few bakeries today that have the skill to make bread with just these base ingredients.

Iain uses a beautiful little two-arm mixer to craft his dough and massage in olives and selected fruits to produce a variety of breads, including focaccia and fruit bread. An Alan Scott wood-fired oven completes the baking process.

Also, read this excellent write-up on them and OMG PLEASE BUY ME A PLANE TICKET. Or, if not, can I at least stay with you once I’m on the run for killing someone to assume their identity/have a ticket to Melbourne? Thanks!


Finally: Tartine has some VEGAN DELICIOUSNESS!  »

If you live in San Francisco and think you know anything about food then you are most likely obsessed with Tartine. If you aren’t, congratulations and let’s be friends and eat donuts and drink Folgers and leave this place PLEASE I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.
Anyway, they’ve got a vegan carrot cake now! Hooray! Now us vegans can wait in line for three days to eat a delicious 10,000-calorie sugar-and-fat-bomb with the rest of you assholes! High five! SO LET’S DISH. Has anyone tried it? Thoughts? I haven’t (photo via awesome reader Shelley!) but my initial feelings go thusly:

1) Excited! Foodie assholes everywhere will have to see a vegan pastry in their butter case!
2) Confused! KAMUT FLOUR? FOR REALLY? Why? The vegan product needs the funky flour, too? Okay, whatever.
3) Excited! I LOVE TO EAT FOOD.

So, there you have it! If you’ve tried it, let us know. If not, I GUESS I’LL TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM GOD.


Vegansaurus NYC: Cowgirl’s Baking!  »

Cowgirl’s Baking
! Ever heard of it? It’s in Manhattan. I was in the city yesterday and happened by—the same day Laura and I had been talking about this place! See, they had a vegan hot dog eating contest over July Fourth and Laura wanted me to write about it and I was like, Laura, it’s not July Fourth anymore! And she was like, Megan, vegan hot dog eating contest! And then by chance, I walk by. The world is a funny place.

The main thing I had heard about Cowgirl’s Baking is that they sell vegan funnel cake! OMG DON’T DIE! Yes, as you may have guessed, it was delicious. A lot oilier than I remember, but I don’t think I’ve had a funnel cake in like 10 years? It was GOOD. Funnel cake is GOOD. I was HAPPY.

Funnel cake was all I was prepared to buy yesterday (I was actually on my way to dinner—ha!) but I will definitely go back! They have many savory items I want to try, including cheddar biscuits. I love a good biscuit! They also have about a million cupcakes. I want them all.

They have little places to sit but they seriously need some AC like whoa. You should definitely make the trip here one day, for lunch AND dessert. I may even be there when you go! I’ll be the extra-good-looking one. Say hi.


Vegansaurus NYC: Champs Bakery in Brooklyn!  »

I stopped by Brooklyn’s Champs Bakery the other day specifically so that I could tell you all about it. I’m so nice to you. It’s not a shiny-happy-people-holding-hands type of bakery but it feels like a neighborhood joint, which has its own appeal. I will definitely have to go again because they had all these sandwiches I didn’t try. I did, however, get some biscuits and gravy! They were jalapeño biscuits so they were a bit too spicy for me (they ran out of the regular, I think you have to show up on the early side for the full selection), but they were still totally great, and the gravy was good too.

I also got a rosemary scone that I was pretty into. It was odd to eat rosemary in something sweet, but it was interesting and good. They don’t have the widest selection but it’s all the necessities—lots of muffins and scones. I love vegan scones! It’s the food of my people, plus vegan. There were also cupcakes and cinnamon rolls and whatnot. I think though that the savory items may be what set this bakery apart from the Babycakeses of the world. And you can totally sit down there and eat so that is nice.

So I say, if you’re in the hood, you should definitely stop by. You can get lunch and then grab a scone to save for breakfast.


Guest review: Azna Gluten Free bakery!  »

I was visiting Never Felt Better in Sacramento when the owner, Shawn, gave me a tip: if I had the time, I should visit the gluten-free and vegan bakery called Azna Gluten Free, located in Cameron Park (about 30 miles east from Sacramento). It happened that I did have the time, so I decided to make the trip.

Although Anza normally offers sandwiches, burritos, lasagna, and calzones, in addition to their sweet items, they didn’t have any sandwiches available to eat when I visited; I made do with a baked good instead. Of course, it was still difficult to make a decision. After conferring with a fellow customer and gazing over the display, I picked a mini cinnamon roll and blackberry scone, as well as a spoonful of some roasted yams and sweet potatoes (cooked with olive oil and many seasonings, and the only savory items available).

Really, EVERYTHING on their menu is vegan and gluten-free; I could eat ANYTHING I wanted. I was in special-diet heaven.

The scone was a little crumbly, but the berries added sweetness and made it a little moister. The mini cinnamon roll was chewy and yummy and just the right size. The roasted yams were delicious, I couldn’t believe how well-seasoned they were. I wanted to just keep eating them, but I got too full.

The service was friendly and fast, even though there was just one guy there, and he seemed to be in charge of baking AND serving the customers. Prices were on the moderate end—my entire “meal” cost $10.25 with tax—and I left feeling more than satisfied.

Geanna lives in Portland, Ore. where she can be found hiking, eating, or writing about food (sometimes she goes to work, too). Find her on Twitter @greenvegnliving or check out her blog, Green Vegan Living.


Eat this NOW: cupcakes and pie in a jar from Fox & Fawn Bakehouse!  »

You gotta eat these cupcakes right now. Fox & Fawn Bakehouse make honestly some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten in my life! I know I say that almost every time I write about anything (best ass-kicking of my life! best lobotomy of my life! best shit sandwich of my life!) but for real, I really really really mean it this time, for real! The cake was spongy and light, and the frosting was sweet but not cloying. Deeeeeelicious. Man, I could eat a few right now and that’s no joke! These are the cupcakes you wish you could make but you just don’t have the skillz to pay the cupcake billz. Speaking of honesty, I honestly have no clue how my fingers haven’t fallen off from all the typing I’ve done in the past month. The fact that I can still walk upright and (kinda) speak English are miracles.

Anyway, you will not regret getting these cupcakes into your mouth, so go ahead and order from them immediately. Oh, and the pie in a jar? RIDICULOUS. It’s a PIE in a JAR and it’s the perfect wedding favor, housewarming gift, present to yourself for making it through the day. Also, Fox and Fawn Bakehouse prices are extremely reasonable! $24 for a dozen is only $2 per cupcake and that’s way less than what you spend in a store. THE DEAL! It is AMAZING! So order a bunch of stuff and fan them on Facebook and generally just eat the shit out of their goodies because even though I got some for free (doesn’t guarantee a good review or even a review period), I’m totally planning on ordering cupcakes from them and PAYING. This is the Real Deal, people, because I don’t like to pay for shit, ask anyone. I mean, ANYONE.

Oh and if you’re not into special ordering things (I don’t know why this would be the case but maybe you’re too poor or don’t think you’re special enough), you can track them down at the Benicia Farmers’ Market, where they’ve been selling out!

Plus, look at this damn logo:


[Cupcake photo by Damien Jay! Thanks, Damien!]


Mint Chocolate Cookie at Arizmendi Bakery on Valencia!  »

GET IT. NOW. It is seriously the best thing I’ve eaten in several weeks and I can eat. I mean, I’ve eaten a slice of pizza since I started this sentence. This is a different recipe than the vegan mint chocolate cookie at the Arizmendi on 9th Avenue and it’s SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER. It’s like the cookie evolved from an pre-oxygen anaerobic life form to Bill Murray (Truly Evolved). It’s been a hell of a ride, folks. Moving on! This cookie is basically a squished brownie with chunks of chocolate just melting out of it. It’s the size of your face and worth every penny of its $2 price tag. Here’s the crappy photo I took but I shoulda just taken a photo of my face afterward because it looked like I’d been making out with a post-binge Cookie Monster. WHICH I WOULD NEVER DO.

Arizmendi just opened on Valencia YESTERDAY so there’s no excuse for you to not be there all the time for their myriad of vegan bread, cookie, and scone options! And like 50 of these marvelous mint chocolate cookies from heaven. Get it, shawty!

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